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2515mm Width Security 358 Prison Anti-Cut and Climb Wire Mesh Fence

2515mm Width Security 358 Prison Anti-Cut and Climb Wire Mesh Fence

  • Type
    Fencing,Trellis & Gates,Welded Mesh
  • Feature
    Easily Assembled,Eco Friendly,Waterproof,Renewable Sources,Rodent Proof
  • Metal Type
    Steel,Iron,High Quality Carbon Steel Wire,Low Carbon Steel
  • Frame Material
  • Frame Finishing
    Powder Coated,PVC Coated,Hot Dipped Galvanized,galvanized
  • Pressure Treated Wood Type
    Heat Treated,Nature,Chemical
  • Product Name
    358 Welded Mesh Fence,factory Galvanized Steel Wire Welded Panel 358 Fence,prison 358 Fence,factory Direct Supply Cyclone Wire Fence Price Philippines
  • Color
  • Material
    Galvanized Iron Wire,Low-Carbon Iron Wire,Low Carbon Steel Wire,High Quality Carbon Steel Wire,PVC Coated Wire
  • Surface Treatment
    Galvanized+PVC Coated,Hot Dipped Galvanized,PVC Coated,PVCcoated,Galvanized/Powder Coated/PVC Coated
  • Application
    Fence Mesh,Construction Wire Mesh,Prison,Protecting Mesh,District Guardrail
  • Wire Diameter
  • Height
  • Width
  • Packing
    Pallet,Plastic Film& Wooden Pallet,Skecth Film Paper And Pallet,In Rolls Or Sheets
  • Wire Gauge
    3mm,3mm - 6mm,2.0mm,3-5mm,3.0-4.0mm
  • Usage
    Protection,Anti-climbing,house,Prison Wire Mesh Fence
  • Hole Shape
  • Length
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    LNF-358 Fencing
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    Clearvu 358 Wire Mesh Fence
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    100 liner meter
  • Price
    16.88$-28.66$ per liner meter
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    14 work days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    10000 liner meter per month

2515mm Width Security 358 Prison Anti-Cut and Climb Wire Mesh Fence

2515mm Width Security 358 Prison Anti-Cut and Climb Wire Mesh Fence

358 Anti climb mesh fence is also called 358 fence( 3"×0.5"×8 guage) also known as"prison mesh"or anti-climb fence, is a special fencing panel,we can make in our city, this production offers the best value for performance, durability and appearance, "358"comes from its measurements 3" x 0.5" x 8 gauge which equates to approx. 76.2mm x 12.7mm x 4mm in metric.
358 wire mesh fence is a professional structure designed for high security environments, combined with an steel framework, coated with heavy zinc or RAL color powder coating.
Panel Size
Post Size
Post Height
Total Number of Fixings
Inters- 1 clemp
Corners-2 clamp
2007 x 2515
2400 x 2515
2400 x 2515
2997 x 2515
3302 x 2515
3607 x 2515
4204 x 2515
4496 x 2515
5207 x 2515
Wholesale high security welding 358 anti climb panel fenceWholesale high security welding 358 anti climb panel fenceWholesale high security welding 358 anti climb panel fence
Packaging & Shipping
Packing Detail:
1. packed with plastic film then on the pallets.
2. Other special package according to customers' requirements.
Samples will be shipped by express service - DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT or Fedex.
1, By courier, like DHL, UPS, Fedex, etc. Usual 5-7 days;
2, By air to the air port, usual 3-5 days arrives;
3, By sea to the sea port, usual 25-45 days.
Why Use 358 Security Prison Fence to secure your premises?
Our extensive knowledge and experience within the security industry has helped with the design and development of the 358 Security Prison Fence High Security Mesh Fencing system, otherwise known as 358 or prison mesh. 358 Security Prison Fenceprovides maximum security for perimeter Security Fence protection. The mesh aperture of 71mm x 9mm manufactured from 4mm diameter wire makes it extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools, therefore providing a high delay factor. Whilst maintaining a high level of security fencing, 358 Security Prison FenceSecurity Fencing has a low visual impact on the surrounding environment.
358 Security Prison FenceSecurity Fencing for High SecurityUnique to the system is two additional reinforcement wires located 37.5mm from the edge of each panel. This provides for easy adjustment of panel widths and increased security around the fixings. The finger/toe-proof mesh aperture makes for a totally secure fencing system that's difficult to cut or climb whilst maintaining a clear level of sight through the horizontal aperture from any angle.

358 Security Prison Fence Security Fencing for Extra Heavy Duty Security

To cater for those locations where extreme high strength, ASF have a developed 358 Security Prison Fence An Extra Heavy Duty wire mesh, having the same mesh aperture of 71mm x 9mm, with 5.6mm Vertical line wires, 358 Security Prison Fencesets a new benchmark in security barrier fencing. More information is available in the download section below.358 Security Prison Fence Security Fencing for a total system
This is a total system utilising double C section adjustable posts with specific tamperproof security fixings and clips. Securemax® 358 Security Fencing is available in single or double skin for ultimate protection. All gates and accessories, together with the (EDS) Electric Detection System makes for a total Security Fencing package.
358 Security Prison Fence Security Fencing Uses
  1. Bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening
  2. Sub-station Security Fencing
  3. Psychiatric hospital security fencing
  4. Prison Security Fencing
  5. Factory Machine guards
  6. Walkway security fencing
  7. Airport security fencing
  8. 358 Security Prison Fence gates
  9. Shipping Port Security fencing
  10. Electrical sub-station fencing
  11. Water Treatment works
  12. Gas pipelines Security Fence
  13. High security window grilles
  14. Balustrades Security Fence
  15. and many other Commerical/Industrial Security Fence uses
358 Anti Climb Mesh System has been developed for applications where security and longevity are paramount concerns. The system is very durable, near-impossible to climb nor breakthrough (without cutting tools), modular, low maintenance, and blends into its environment.

Fence Panels: 2515 mm wide, flat, rigid, fully-welded mesh panels, constructed from 4 mm diameter

steel vertical wires, set 75 mm apart welded to 4 mm dia. steel horizontal wires set 12.5 mm apart, giving its characteristic 75 x 12.5 x 4 mm mesh configuration. In imperial measurements the mesh is 3 inch x 0.5 inch x 8 gauge, hence its name “358”’.Fence Posts: Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) steel sections, set into concrete foundations at 2.44metre intervals.

Clamp-strips: 40 x 5 mm steel Flats (one per panel height), slotted at 300 mm intervals for galvanised
security bolts.

Finish: All manufactured steelwork Galvanised and Polyester Powder Coated.
358 Anti Climb Mesh
• Because of its durability and security value, 358 mesh is commonly used to surround prisons and
secure units – hence its nickname Prison Mesh.
• Largely maintenance free: galvanised and a polyester powder coated, with galvanised fittings.
• Comprise rigid panels that will not sag or deform (during normal usage).
• Present no sharp protrusions utilising flat clamp-strips and dome-headed security fixings.
• They are designed to avoid head and finger traps with covered panel joints and a tight mesh
• Are ‘anti-vandal’ in their design - utilising security bolts (with snap off nuts or hidden inserts), and a
dense mesh which cannot easily be cut/damaged, and are near-impossible to climb.
• In the event of vandalism/damage, they are modular, i.e. individual component parts can be easily
• Aesthetically pleasing and blends into its environment (available in a wide colour range).
• Have excellent see-through qualities, reducing shadows and blind spots, and making it easy to
monitor use and/or abuse.
• Due to its rigidity and durability 358 Prison Mesh Fence is often used as a rebound surface for sports pitches.
358 High Security Prison Mesh is also called 358 welded mesh fence.
Common sizes:
Hole size:12.7x75.2mm; wire dia:4mm
Materials: steel wire hot-galvanized
Tensile strength: 540-615N/mm2
Benefits of Using welded prison mesh fences:
High security fence, anti-climb and anti-cut
Flat panel that gives improved aesthetic appearance
Maximum strength and security
Excellent through vision
Wide range of colour options
Available as a complete system
358 High Security Prison Mesh application:
Welded prison mesh is used for schools, Industrial & Commercial Sites, Infrastructure, High Security.
358 High Security Prison Mesh
358 is a high security fence with excellent visibility combined with anti climb & cut technology.
Where is 358 Prison Fence
  • Prisons
  • High Security Sites
  • Business Developments
  • HGV Parks
  • Airports
  • Utility Sites
  • Government Buildings
  • Schools
  • Military Installations
358 Prison Fence is designed for the most demanding applications and additional features such as our Trident Fence Vibration detection system, Electric Fencing, Trident Cacti or Razor Wire can be added to the installations to increase the security furthermore.
Available in heights 1.8, 2.0, 2.4, 2.7 & 3.0 metre high.
358 Prison Fence Size
75mm x 12.5mm produced with 4.00mm wires.
358 Prison Fence Panels
Trimesh 358 is manufactured using 4mm wires. Welded at each and every single point this system creates an incredibly rigid panel.
358 Prison Fence Gates
With our design & in house fabrication we can incorporate our Trimesh 358 into any of our gate systems, at any width. Please contact us for further information & pricing, or alternatively click the "get a quote section" fill out the form and one of our sales staff will be in touch.
2515mm Width Security 358 Prison Anti-Cut and Climb Wire Mesh Fence 32515mm Width Security 358 Prison Anti-Cut and Climb Wire Mesh Fence 42515mm Width Security 358 Prison Anti-Cut and Climb Wire Mesh Fence 5