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358 High Security Fence Mesh

358 High Security Fence Mesh

  • Type
    Fencing,Trellis & Gates,Welded Mesh
  • Feature
    Easily Assembled,Eco Friendly,Waterproof,Renewable Sources,Rodent Proof
  • Metal Type
    Steel,Iron,High Quality Carbon Steel Wire,Low Carbon Steel
  • Frame Material
  • Frame Finishing
    Powder Coated,PVC Coated,Hot Dipped Galvanized,galvanized
  • Pressure Treated Wood Type
    Heat Treated,Nature,Chemical
  • Product Name
    358 Welded Mesh Fence,factory Galvanized Steel Wire Welded Panel 358 Fence,prison 358 Fence,factory Direct Supply Cyclone Wire Fence Price Philippines
  • Color
  • Material
    Galvanized Iron Wire,Low-Carbon Iron Wire,Low Carbon Steel Wire,High Quality Carbon Steel Wire,PVC Coated Wire
  • Surface Treatment
    Galvanized+PVC Coated,Hot Dipped Galvanized,PVC Coated,PVCcoated,Galvanized/Powder Coated/PVC Coated
  • Application
    Fence Mesh,Construction Wire Mesh,Prison,Protecting Mesh,District Guardrail
  • Wire Diameter
  • Height
  • Width
  • Packing
    Pallet,Plastic Film& Wooden Pallet,Skecth Film Paper And Pallet,In Rolls Or Sheets
  • Wire Gauge
    3mm,3mm - 6mm,2.0mm,3-5mm,3.0-4.0mm
  • Usage
    Protection,Anti-climbing,house,Prison Wire Mesh Fence
  • Hole Shape
  • Length
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    LNF-358 Fencing
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    Clearvu 358 Wire Mesh Fence
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    100 liner meter
  • Price
    16.88$-28.66$ per liner meter
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    14 work days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    10000 liner meter per month

358 High Security Fence Mesh

358 High Security Fence Mesh
358 High Security Fence Mesh brings with it an assurance that your property will be protected for years. The 358 High Security Fence Mesh system is a perfect structure to support or compliment various additional detection systems such as EDS Electric Detection Systems
358 High Security Fence Mesh brings with it an assurance that your property will be protected for years. The 358 High Security Fence Mesh system is a perfect structure to support or compliment various additional detection systems such as EDS Electric Detection Systems which can be added for a total security package.

358 High Security Fence Mesh High Security Mesh Fencing system, otherwise known as 358 or prison mesh. 358 High Security Fence Mesh provides maximum security for perimeter Security Fence protection. The mesh aperture of 71mm x 9mm manufactured from 4mm diameter wire makes it extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools, therefore providing a high delay factor. Whilst maintaining a high level of security fencing, 358 High Security Fence Mesh has a low visual impact on the surrounding environment.

Ideal for:
  • Correctional and Detention Facilities
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Roads and Bridges
  • Power Stations
  • Industrial Factories
  • Private Industries
  • Shipping Ports
  • Gas Lines
  • Railways
  • Airports and more
358 Anti Climb High Security Mesh
Recently we noted a requirement in the 358 Anti Climb High Security Mesh Market for a new product giving similar strength and characteristics whilst reducing the steel required.Introducing358 Security Mesh Fence
With no foot or hand holes, along with an additional spiked top,358 Security Mesh Fencestrongly discourages climbing. 358 Security Mesh Fence provides a higher level of 358 Anti Climb High Security Mesh than any other product in its price range and yet has a pleasant appearance making it a suitable option for most security applications. It is available in either a zinc alloy finish or in a huge array of powder coated colour finishes.

358 Anti Climb High Security Mesh are formed by inserting a continuous wave evenly over the width and length of the welded mesh sheet.

Although 358 Security Mesh Fence has a smooth corrugated profile, by careful design and manufacturing, we has been able to maintain the 71mm x 9mm visual mesh aperture. The horizontal corrugations in the358 Security Mesh Fencepanels give the fencing system a stylish and distinctive appearance yet allow high levels of transparency. Visual sight lines are therefore unaffected, whilst maintaining the penetration difficulty with conventional hand tools of other 358 mesh products. This is a plus when it comes to using the fencing system in conjunction with cameras or other surveillance equipment.


The ribbed design of 358 Security Mesh Fence is what gives it its strength. This Profile makes it an ideal product to use where a strong yet simple appearance is required. These ribs also allow Corromesh® 358 to be stepped evenly over uneven landscapes to provide a continuous uninterrupted fence line. Total Fencing System
The Corromesh® 358 fence panels can be affixed with a number of different fasteners dependant on the security level required and the corrugations provide security protection for the post fixings. The 358 Security Mesh Fence comes complete with Engineered Posts, and all suitable fittings to cater for even the most torturous fence lines. Due to the increased strength of the profile, top and bottom rails are not required. This reduction in steel significantly reduces the overall cost of the 358 Security Mesh Fence Fencing System.

The sheets are able to be overlapped in any direction to form a continuous layer or fencing.Unique to ASF Fencing Systems is the two additional reinforcement edge wires located 37.5mm from the edge of each panel. This provides for easy adjustment of panel widths and increased security around the fixings. The finger/toe-proof mesh aperture makes for a totally secure fencing system that's difficult to cut or climb whilst maintaining a clear level of sight through the horizontal aperture from any angle358 Security Mesh Fence has a naturally spiked top, this can be reinforced if required with the optional additions of Barbwire, Razor wire, or EDS (Electric Detection System). 358 Security Mesh Fence stacks and packs neatly for ease of handling, storage and delivery.

358 Anti Climb High Security MeshUses
  • Park and waterway fencing
  • Council depots
  • Government utilities such as water, electricity, gas and rail facilities
  • Bridges
  • Industrial developments
  • Factory Machine guards
  • Walkway security fencing
  • 358 Anti Climb High Security Mesh gates
  • Electrical sub-station fencing
  • Balustrades Security Fence
  • and many other Commercial/Industrial Security Fence uses
Prison 358 Mesh or 'prison mesh' as it is commonly known is a high security mesh fencing system with narrow apertures. This prevents the 'would be intruder' having any foot or finger holds therefore making it extremely difficult to climb. The Prison 358 Mesh panels are overlapped at each post and secured by a full length clamp strip, domed headed bolts and permacone security fixings.The introduction of colour has now made the Fortex® 358 prison mesh system a popular choice when security is paramount.
The inclusion of two pressed beams to FortexŽ adds additional rigidity to the panel. The heights vary slightly but the posts and fixing detail remain the same.
Standard heights: 2135, 2440 and 3000mm.
All other heights available on request.
Posts: Set at 2440mm nominal centres.
2135mm - 60 x 60 RHS
2440mm - 70 x 70 RHS
3000mm - 80 x 80 RHS
Wire: 4mm diameter with a mesh size of 76.2 x 12.7mm.
Fixings: Galvanised bolt, permacone security nut and full length clamp bar.
Finish: Posts and clamp bar - Hot Dip Galvanised to BS EN 1461 or
Galvanised & Polyester Powder Coated.
Panels - Galvfan or Galvanised and Polyester Powder Coated.
Security 358 Prison Mesh also known as " PRISON MESH " or anti-climb fence, i http:// t is a specialfencing panelwe can make in our city, this production offers the best value for performance, durability and appearance.'358' comes from its measurements 3" x 0.5" x 8 gauge which equates to approx. 76.2mm x 12.7mm x 4mm in metric.
Security 358 Prison Mesh is a professional structure designed for high security environments, combined with an steel framework, coated with heavily zinc or RAL color Powder coating.
Security 358 Prison Mesh are extremely difficult to penetrate, with the small mesh aperture being effectively finger proof, and extremely difficult to attack using conventional hand tools. 358 fences are recognized as one of the most difficult to break through the barrier, because it is difficult to climb. It is called security fencing and high- strength fencing. 358 security fencing panel can be bent in part to enhance the aesthetic effect.
WhileSecurity 358 Prison Mesh has many of the attributes of 358 Security Fencing and its main strength is its lighter. Using 3mm wire instead of 4mm allows even better visibility allowing a wider variety of applications. Its lighter and cheaper so it's ideal for commercial applications. Unlike chain link fencing, if cut every intersection, the welded mesh will not unravel or lose stability. Because every wire of 358 security fencing panel is individually welded throughout the mesh panel.
358 Wire mesh fenceFeatures:
ANTI-CLIMB: More small openings, no toe or finger holds, so called anti-climb fence.
ANTI-CUT: robust wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult.
BETTER VISIBILITY: flat, two-dimensional profile, easier to see through than chain link.
Security 358 Prison Mesh Finish treatment: There are two treatment types: hot dipped galvanized and plastic coated. The colors of plastic coated are mainly green and black. Each color is available according to your require.
358 Wire mesh fenceSpecifications
1/2" x 3" x 8 gauge, 1" x 3" x 8 gauge. Panel size from 2m to 4m.finishs by hot dipped galvanized or powder coated after gal.any color available.
Mesh Material 358 mesh fence electrically welded at every intersection
Horizontal aperture: 72.2mm Vertical aperture: 8.7mm
Fence Panel specifications:
Width: 2366 mm
Height:< 5000 mm (greater heights with splice)
Dimension tolerance: +/- 2.5mm
Squareness: + 0.2% of nominal panel size.
Flatness: +/- 50mm clear of surface laid flat.
Solidity: 35%
Weight: 9.1 kg / m2
Attack Face Narrow aperture in the horizontal plane
Material type: galvanized
High: 2.50 m
Length: 2.23
Mesh size: 76.20 x 12.77mm
Diameter: 4.00 mm
Square meter: 37 500,00m²
Finished: galvanized or PVC coated
High: 3.00m
Hauteur: 2.50 m
Passage : 7.00 m
358 Wire mesh fence Applications:
  • Bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening
  • Psychiatric hospital security fencing
  • Prison security fencing
  • Factory machine guards
  • Walkway security fencing
  • Airport security fencing
  • Shipping Port Security fencing
  • Electrical sub-station fencing
  • Gas pipelines security fence
  • High security living area and private field fence.
Security 358 Prison Mesh Benefits:
Secure and discreet
A superior system for providing security where a discreet visual impact on the immediate environment is essential.
Vandal resistant
The finger proof aperture combined with 4mm wire diameter provides a barrier that is difficult to climb or penetrate. Almost impossible to cut wires by use of conventional bolt or wire cutters.

Efficient deterrence
An effective deterrent to intruders available in various heights up to 6m. Compatible with electronic detection and alarm systems.

Good viewing visibility
In spite of the small mesh aperture the see-through characteristics remain unimpaired when viewed head-on and even at an angle to thefence. This is particularly important for clear camera surveillance.

The high quality advanced coating technology guarantees an extended product life span and low maintenance.

The panels are produced at 3.050 m, reducing the amount of posts needed by 20%. Installation time is thus reduced.

Weld Strength
The superior welding technique and process control create a stronger fusion between the wires.

Complete system
Supplied as a complete system with panels, posts and gates - stepped panels available to suit sloping sites.
Panel Size
O/A Length
Total number of fixings
Inters- 1 Clamp bar
Corners- 2 Clamp bars
2007 x 2515
2400 x 2515
2997 x 2515
3302 x 2515
3607 x 2515
3607 x 2515



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