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Component steel fence panel ,Steel Tubular Fence

Component steel fence panel ,Steel Tubular Fence

  • Materials
  • Color
    Black And Grey Or Other
  • Dimensions
    1800mm X 2400mm ,2100mm X 2400mm Or Customized
  • Salt Spray Testing
  • Treatment
    Powder Coated ,Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Technical
    Punch Pipes And Welding Etc
  • Nick Name
    Steel Fence ,Steel Tubular Fence ,Steel Spear Fence,Garrison Fence,ornamental Steel Fence
  • Place of Origin
    New Zealand And Australia Design
  • Brand Name
    Tubular Crimped Spear Steel Security Fence
  • Certification
    AS/NZS1163& AS/NZS4506-1998
  • Model Number
    Steel Fence-1200mm-1500mm-1800mm-2100mm-2400mm
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Metal Pallet With Plastic Jacket
  • Delivery Time
    7 days
  • Payment Terms
    TT 30% deposit balance 70% at sight of done cargo
  • Supply Ability

Component steel fence panel ,Steel Tubular Fence

Component steel fence panel ,Steel Tubular Fence


why You Need Component Steel Fence Panels?

Component steel fence panel, featuring the special component design, is easy to be customized and form a comprehensive range of configurations and styles. Comparing with welded steel fence panel, this one also comes with an appealing old world look of wrought iron. However, component steel fence panels are more flexible when it comes to installation.

<img alt="A plan drawing for a component steel fence panels which are easy to follow the step 

Most flexible installation
The fence panels can easily adjust 48" over an 8' span - that is mean it allows the fence to follow any steepest grade of slopes without any "stair-stepping". Meanwhile, it can be easily and quickly installed just by manual tools.

A gray rubber pad are installed between the vertical picket and horizontal rails.

With water-proof polyethylene rubber pad
Added rubber pads around the vertical tubes, made of quality polyethylene, are normally used to stuff the spacing between the vertical pickets and horizontal rails - that means it effectively prevents water leaking into the tube to cause internal rust.

The drawing of four layers of anti-coatings of steel fence panels.

Four layers of excellent coating

  • With high weather, rust and corrosion resistance.

  • Come with high durability.

  • Minimize scratched or burnished marks during transportation.

  • Capable to withstand harshest environments.

  • Maintenance free

A white component steel fence panel with pressed spears suitable for various applications

Various applications:

  • Family residence.

  • Stadium and event centre.

  • Golf course.

  • Schools and universities.

  • Parking lots and hospitals.

  • Gated communities.

  • State facilities.

  • Decorative property accents.

  • Public housing security.

  • Parks and pool, etc.

How is the steel fence panel composed?

Assembly by rivets

A plan drawing of steel fence panels which is assembled by slide lock rail.

Assembly by slide lock rails

Assembly by rivets
As the most common type of assembly, this panel is easy and quick to install in conjunction with rivets, which makes the panel easy to adjust to following any grade, meanwhile, the fence panels also can be dismantled to be reused for next project.

Assembly by slide lock rails
Comparing with traditional assembly method, this one features an innovative design –an internal slide lock rail to string vertical pickets together without welding points. These added rails are made of 18 gauge quality steel and allow the fencing panel easy to follow the ground. No outside fastener makes the fence extremely anti-theft. Additionally, double U-shaped profile reduces the contact of the internal surface of the tube with outside environments - that means it effectively enhances the internal corrosion resistance to ensure a long lifespan.

Optional fence top

Four types of fence tops listing in a line available for component steel fence panels.

Optional colour

Seven colors listing in a line available for welded steel fence panels.