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Galvanized, PVC, Powder Coated Welded 3D Fence Panel

Galvanized, PVC, Powder Coated Welded 3D Fence Panel

  • High Light

    welded wire fencing


    mesh fencing panels

  • Materials
  • Mesh Opening
    50mm X 200mm
  • Diameter
  • Treatment
    Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Place of Origin
    American Design China Made
  • Brand Name
    LNF-3d fence panels
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    1030mm/1530mm/1830mm/2030mm/2230mm height
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    500 liner meter
  • Price
    4.00$/liner meter
  • Packaging Details
    All metal Pallets
  • Delivery Time
    7 work days
  • Payment Terms
    TT30% deposit balance 70% at sight of finished products
  • Supply Ability
    10000 liner meters

Galvanized, PVC, Powder Coated Welded 3D Fence Panel

Galvanized, PVC, Powder Coated Welded 3D Fence Panel


3D fence panel is a type of welded wire mesh. It is made of high-quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire or stainless steel wire connected to metal posts. 3D fence panel has V-shaped bending curves, which look modern and attractive. The sturdy and sleek fence panel is mainly used for security protection in the construction site, residential building, sports field, warehouse, highway or airport service area, railway station, etc.
PVC coated 3D fence panel connected to the metal post
Galvanized 3D fence panel connected to a post
3D fence panel encloses industrial building to ensure security
  • 3D fence panel has an easy structure. It is mainly constructed by wire mesh and metal posts.
  • Robust and sturdy panels will not sag or deform.
  • Resistant to corrosion, rust with galvanized, PVC and powder coated surface treatment.
  • Available in many colours such as green, black, blue, red, white, etc.
  • Smooth surface with no sharp edges.
  • Modern design with V-shaped curves.
  • The bending curves are available in 2, 3, 4 according to the height of the panel.
  • Large open mesh holes provide high visibility.
  • Easy assembly by connecting panels to posts with clamps, screws, gaskets.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Long service life.
3D wire mesh fence applied for sports field enclosure
  • Industry construction fence.
  • Airport, railway station service area.
  • Highway enclosure.
  • Warehouse protection fence.
  • School sports field, stadium.
  • Garden, park security fence.
  • Residential site.
  • Agriculture security fence.
  • Animal enclosure fence.
3D fence panels packed in plastic bags and bundled with the bandage to ensure the safety
3D fence panels are packed with a wood board, metal plates, bandage and wrapped in plastic film to ensure the safety
3D fence panel posts are packed with plastic bags and clips are packed with plastic bags in a carton
Packed 3D fence panels are set in containers for easy transportation
3D fence Panel Specification
low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire
Surface treatment
hot-galvanized, electro-galvanized, PVC coated, powder coated.
PVC Standard colours
RAL 6005 green, RAL 9005 black, RAL 5010 blue, RAL 3000 red, RAL 9010 white, etc.
Wire diameter (mm)
2.0 - 6.5
Mesh size (mm)
55 × 100, 50 × 150, 55 × 200, 50 × 200, 60 × 150, 75 × 100, 75 × 150, 80 × 160, 100 × 200
Panel height (m)
0.6 - 3.0
Panel width (m)
1.5 - 4.0
Post specification
Post style
Post size (mm)
Post thickness (mm)
Rectangular Post
30 × 50
1.0 - 3.0
40 × 60
40 × 80
50 × 70
60 × 80
Square post
40 × 40
50 × 50
60 × 60
70 × 70
Peach post
50 × 70
70 × 100
Round Post
3D fence panel Processing
Fence panel process
  1. Straighten and cut short the wire
  2. Welding
  3. Bending
  4. Galvanizing
  5. Parkerizing
  6. Powder/PVC coating
  1. Cut short the tube
  2. Hole drilling
  3. Galvanizing
  4. Sandblasting
  5. Powder/PVC coating
  6. Rivet nuts installing
3D Panel Fence Introduction

The fence panel is welded with high quality low carbon steel wire, surface treated by electrostatic polyester powder spray coating over galvanized materials, then connected with post by suitable clips. Due to its simple structure, easy installation, nice appearance, more and more customers regard welded mesh fence as the preferred common protective fence.

Technical Note:
1.Standard roll length: 30m;width: 0.5m to 1.8m
2.Special sizes available at request
3.Packing: in waterproof paper in rolls. Custom packing available at request.

3D Panel Fence Specifications
Curved Welded Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Thickness
surface Treatment
Panel Width
Folds NOS.
Panel Height
Fence Height
Mesh Panel
Galvanized and Electrostatic polyester power coated or PVC coated
V Panel

3D Panel Fence Application

1> factories
2> warehouses
3> public buildings
4> schools
5> football fields
6> sports stadiums
7> playgrounds
8> private estates

3D Wire Fence Advantage:

1> Very high rigidity
2> High degree of rigidity
3> Long lifetime
4> Complete system
1: Black wire→Welding→Hot dipped galvanized→Powder coated/PVC coated
2: Black wire→Hot dipped galvanized→Welding→Powder coated/PVC coated
3: Black wire→Welding→Electric galvanized→Powder coated/PVC coated
4: Black wire→Electric galvanized→Welding→Powder coated/PVC coated

3D Wire Fence Packing

Fence Panels:
1>it has rubber mat at the bottom of the pallet to avoid the pallet destroyed the panels
2>it has 4 metal corners to keep the pallet more strong.
3>it has metal plate under the plastic bandage to reduce the apressure of fence panels.
4>it has wooden plate at the top of fence panel which can protect the fence panels avoid being crushed by other pallets.
Fence Post:
Each fence post is covered by cap (save your installing time and cost of labor) then with plastic film, then metal pallet.
Clips and screws are packed by sets, plastic film + carton box.

Galvanized, PVC, Powder Coated Welded 3D Fence Panel 0Galvanized, PVC, Powder Coated Welded 3D Fence Panel 1 
Galvanized, PVC, Powder Coated Welded 3D Fence Panel 2