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Welded steel fence panels

Welded steel fence panels

  • Materials
  • Color
    Black And Grey Or Other
  • Dimensions
    1800mm X 2400mm ,2100mm X 2400mm Or Customized
  • Salt Spray Testing
  • Treatment
    Powder Coated ,Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Technical
    Punch Pipes And Welding Etc
  • Nick Name
    Steel Fence ,Steel Tubular Fence ,Steel Spear Fence,Garrison Fence,ornamental Steel Fence
  • Place of Origin
    New Zealand And Australia Design
  • Brand Name
    Tubular Crimped Spear Steel Security Fence
  • Certification
    AS/NZS1163& AS/NZS4506-1998
  • Model Number
    Steel Fence-1200mm-1500mm-1800mm-2100mm-2400mm
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Metal Pallet With Plastic Jacket
  • Delivery Time
    7 days
  • Payment Terms
    TT 30% deposit balance 70% at sight of done cargo
  • Supply Ability

Welded steel fence panels

Welded steel fence panels


Why Are Welded Steel Fence Panels So Popular?

Welded steel fence panels, adopting high performance automatically welding techniques, are manufactured with high strength which makes it tough and capable to absorb four times impact energies than aluminium fences. Comparing with traditionally wrought iron fence, welded steel fence comes with similar elegant appearance yet much better rust resistance and following features:

The strongest structure of a green steel fence panels

Strongest structure
Welding points give the fence panel best-holding strength to resist impacts from naughty children or intruders. It is ideal for apartment security and school safeguarding, etc.

The smooth surface without unsightly weld marks of a black steel fence panels

Smooth surface without unsightly weld marks
The panel is automatically welded without unsightly weld marks to ensure an elegant appearance; meanwhile, the horizontal rails come with superior neighbour profile - same on both sides.

The drawing of four layers of anti-coatings of steel fence panels.

Incomparable surface finish - maintenance free
With four layers of superior anti-rust coatings, you can get at least 15-year guarantee of corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, the interior of the tube also hot dipped galvanized to avoid rusting inside.

The plan drawing of welded steel fence panels.

Welded steel fence panels structure

Although welded steel fence panels are not flexible as the component steel fence panels, it still dazzles people with high strength, high rigidity as well as high impact resistance. So it is widely applied to whether residential, commercial or industrial circumstances.

To cater to your needs, we supply four types of welded steel fence panels with different tops for you to choose from:

  • Pressed pear - picket fencing

  • Flat top - basic steel fencing

  • Rod top steel fencing

  • Ornamental steel fencing

To suit your scheme, the fence panel can be painted in various colours as follow:

Seven colors listing in a line available for welded steel fence panels.

Steel fence panel colours

Black welded steel fence panels are hanging in the storehouse.

Welded steel fence panels are with the strongest structure for securing your houses.