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358 wire mesh fence


358 wire mesh fence

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358 wire mesh fence also known as " PRISON MESH ", it is a special fencing panel we can make in our city, this production offers the best value for performance, durability, and appearance.'358' comes from its measurements 3" x 0.5" x 8 gauge which equates to approx. 76.2mm x 12.7mm x 4mm in metric.It is a professional structure designed for high-security environments, coated with heavy zinc or RAL colour Powder coating combined with a steel framework. We have specialised in fencing and gate for more than 15 years. We have much experience, expertise, equipment and plant to deliver fences in various applications. Guaranteed low prices and

358 wire mesh fence advantages

Our 358 wire mesh with many advantages, such as

  • Anti-climb, anti-cut and 85% - 90% see-thru.
  • HD Galv and polyester coated for corrosion and rust resistance.
  • High to low-security fencing options.
  • V-Bends in the clear view fencing panels create more strength and rigidity.
  • Clear view fence panels fixed to square tube post makes maximum security and strength.
  • We have professional installations teams.

358 wire mesh fence applications

358 wire mesh fence is anti-cut, anti-climb, water-resistance powder coated with marine grade Plastic. A popular product is ½” x 3” 8 gauge galvanised and ½” x 3” 10.5 gauge GAW plus heavy-duty PVC coating. Wire: 4 mm, galvanised + powder coating. The general installation height is 2.0 m.

  • Warehousing isolation, workshop segmentation.
  • Road, railway, airport fence.
  • Prison, military security fence.
  • Medical facilities, educational schools, recreational fencing.
  • Residential areas, business districts, government agencies, fence or gates.
  • Industrial area, farm house fence.
  • It can be suitable for flat or slope areas.

Anti-climb fence feature:

358 wire mesh fence feature listed as the following

  • 1. corrosion resistance, security fence, anticlimb, resistance to cut by hands and tools.
  • 2. Razor wire can be added to the installation to increase security.
  • 3. welded at each intersection, hence an effective deterrent to would-be intruders

358 extra high security mesh fencing welded panels


1. square post: 60x60mm, 60x80mm, 80x80mm, 80x100mm, 100x 100mm
2. C type post: 64x83mm
3. Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanised, electro-galvanized, powder painting
4. Anti-climb fence colour
5. Green, blue, black, white, yellow, red



358 wire mesh fence the specification not listed as the following also available customised

Wire Opening Height*Width Section O/A Length Total number of fixings
mm         Inters-1 Clamp bar Comers-2 Clamp bar
4 12.7*76.2(3”*1/2”) 2007*2515 60*60*2.5 2700 7 14
4 12.7*76.2(3”*1/2”) 2004*2515 60*60*2.5 3100 9 18
4 12.7*76.2(3”*1/2”) 2997*2515 80*80*2.5 3800 11 22
4 12.7*76.2(3”*1/2”) 3302*2515 80*80*2.5 4200 12 24
4 12.7*76.2(3”*1/2”) 3607*2515 100*60*3 4500 13 26
4 12.7*76.2(3”*1/2”) 3607*2515 100*100*3 4500 13 26

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