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Stainless steel knotted rope mesh


Stainless steel knotted rope mesh

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Stainless steel knotted rope mesh comprises 304 or 316 stainless steel wire rope by handweaving through the mould. It is an innovative product that perfectly replaces the zoo fence and railing, so customers call it zoo net.


The stainless steel knotted rope mesh is widely used in zoos, wildlife parks, ecological parks, bird habitats, etc. Whether in South Africa, the Middle East or the Americas, the application of stainless steel wire cable mesh has been recognised by more and more experts. The reliable strength, flexible shape and long service life of zoo net have been accepted by more and more zoo fence designers, and there are many successful experiences for reference.


Inox Cable Netting
Mesh Aperture Wire Diameter Panel Size (H X L)
OW X OH 1.2mm 1.5mm 2 3.0mm 4.0mm











We can do the stainless steel knotted rope mesh according to customers' requirements.

20 x 35 TF1220        
25 x 45 TF1225 TF1525      
35 x 61 TF1235 TF1535 TF2035    
40 x 70 TF1240 TF1540 TF2040 TF3040  
50 x 90 TF1250 TF1550 TF2050 TF3050 TF4050
60 x 105 TF1260 TF1560 TF2060 TF3060 TF4060
70 x 120 TF1270 TF1570 TF2070 TF3070 TF4070
80 x 140 TF1280 TF1580 TF2080 TF3080 TF4080
100 x 175 TF12100 TF15100 TF20100 TF30100 TF40100
120 x 210-stainless steel knotted rope mesh TF12120 TF15120 TF20120 TF30120 TF40120
160 x 280 TF12160 TF15160 TF20160 TF30160 TF40160
180 x 315 TF12180 TF15180 TF20180 TF30180 TF40180
200 x 350 TF12200 TF15200 TF20200 TF30200 TF40200
250 x 450 TF12250 TF15250 TF20250 TF30250 TF40250

300 x 525-


TF12300 TF15300 TF20300 TF30300 TF40300

What is the feature of knotted rope mesh?

  • 1. Mesh designed under high break loading capacity. Corrosion-resistant.
  • 2. 100% install guarantee. Precision panel dimension.
  • 3. Suit tube frame or tension rope structure.
  • 4. Irregular shape, large pieces of mesh can be manufactured.
  • 5. stainless steel rope mesh is Lightweight: good flexibility, impact resistance, the solid and durable overall structure
  • 6. Durable: It will not change colour under long-term sunlight and is resistant to corrosion in a humid environment
  • 7. Good perspective: Flat mesh surface, good permeability, luxurious appearance and novel style
  • 8. Various specifications: The hole diameter rope diameter can be designed arbitrarily, and the installation is easy

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stainless steel knotted rope mesh 0stainless steel knotted rope meshstainless steel knotted rope mesh

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