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Edge safety fence


Edge safety fence

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Edge safety fence have unique characteristics that make them market leaders, as these clever barriers combine guardrail, footplate and debris mesh into a single light steel mesh barrier. A light edge protective barrier made of steel is used to provide peripheral edge protection for excavation. Designed for two-person installation, the system provides flexibility in various panel lengths.


  • Maximum protection
  • Built-in safety kickplate
  • Re-usable asset
  • Complies to AS 1657 1992

If you have come from Australia, a 1000 mm high x 2400 mm galvanised welded panel is manufactured from 4 mm steel wire at centres not exceeding 50 mm x 50 mm to comply with AS/NZS 4576 – 1995 ‘Guidelines. For Scaffolding.’

Specification edge safety fence

Wire diameter 5-8mm
Opening size 50*200mm
Panel size 1100*1700/1100*2400mm/1300*1300mm/1300*2200mm
Post diameter/thickness 48*1.5/2.0mm
Surface treatment Galvanized+powder coated / galvanized+painted /black +powder coated

Advantages of edge safety fence

  • 1. Strengthen the sidebars to improve durability
  • 2. There is no sharp edge on the upper edge of the return
  • 3. Close and return to the front panel to better control debris
  • 4. Steel mesh protection with the shock absorption capacity


  • 1. Special-shaped edges can increase strength;
  • 2. The integrated toe board can ensure built-in safety;
  • 3. The steel is made of high-quality steel with a galvanised surface;
  • 4. The barrier layer can be coated with RAL series colour powder coatings, and the company logo can be customised to enhance the customer's brand on site.


  • 1. The edge safety fence Raw Material is Low-Carbon Steel Wire. Welded By Heavy Wire, with 90 Degree on the top and bottom, the piece of toe board was welded on the bottom of the Edge protection Fence to Protect Small Stone Falling, avoid hurting somebody. It also has continuous Wire, no cut wire, making the Temporary Protection Fence Smooth, Flat and Straight.
  • 2. Bending on the Top of Edge Protection Fence. There is a 90 Degree Bending on the top of the Temporary Edge Protection Fence; it is straight, make the fence flatling, have high shock strength to protect Peoples.
  • 3. make the Temporary Protection Fence Smooth, Flat and Straight. Powder Coated Surface Treatment is more beautiful and anti-rust; it makes its long using life to save costs.
  • 4. The Edge Safety Protection Fence can recycle many times. Bending on the bottom of the Edge protection Fence, Toe Board on the front of the Edge Protection Fence. The Toe Board on the bottom of the Edge Protection Fence is welded on the Bottom Wire to Prevent Small Stone falling, Avoid Hurting Somebody.


Edge Protection Barriers System 1
Edge Protection Barriers System 2

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