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edge protection barriers hire


edge protection barriers hire

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edge protection barriers hire

Are you looking for edge protection barriers for your hire business? Edge protection fence, also named edge protection Barriers, Temporary edge protection, Safety Edge barriers, edge protection is thoroughly used in construction under buildings to protect people. The unique characteristics of the perimeter barrier make it a market leader, as these ingenious barriers combine guardrails, baseboards and debris nets into a single, thin steel mesh barrier. A light-duty edge protection barrier made of steel and designed to provide perimeter edge protection for excavation. The system is designed for two-person installation and has different panel lengths to improve flexibility.

Specification of edge protection barriers hire

Wire Diameter of Edge Steel Mesh Barrier
It can be from 5.0mm to 8.0mm; usually, the horizontal Wire afford
more impact used thicker Wire.
Mesh Hole of Edge Protection Fence Common Mesh Aperture
Panel Size of Steel Mesh Fence Standard Size: 1150*2600, Also can make customised
Toe Board at the bottom of the Fence Length accord with Steel Mesh Panel Length
Raw Material of Steel Fence Low Carbon Steel Wire or Galvanized Wire ( Q195 )
Surface Treatment of Mesh Fence Galvanized, Powder Coated
Colour after Powder Coated Silver, Natural Color, Red, Blue, White and other RAL Series.
Package for Steel Barrier System Usually in Metal Pallet or Customized
Type Border Wire Mesh Wire Length Width Colour
Steel Mesh Barrier with Toeboard 8.0mm 5.0mm 2600mm 1150mm RAL Series
Steel Mesh Barrier Without Toeboard 8.0mm 5.0mm 2600mm 1150mm RAL Series
Steel Mesh Barrier Make-Up 8.0mm 5.0mm 2600mm 1150mm RAL Series
Steel Mesh Barrier 1.3M 8.0mm 5.0mm 1300mm 1150mm RAL Series
Steel Mesh Barier Make Up 1.3M 8.0mm 5.0mm 1300mm 1150mm RAL Series


1. reinforced sidebar for durability
2. returns no sharp edges on the top edge
3. Close and return to the kickboard for better debris control
4. These edge protection barriers hire made of Steel mesh protection with the impact absorption capacity

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