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Edge protection fencing


Edge protection fencing

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Edge protection fencing is structurally designed to secure construction working platforms for various applications, such as Railway-Infrastructure, Roof Edge Protection Barriers, Mesh Guard Edge Protection Panels, Pontoon Mesh Edge Protection System For Floating Platforms, etc.


Each edge protection fencing comprises a 4mm-6.00m steel wire construction. The wire grid has not exceeded 50mm x 50mm or 50mmx150mm, meaning it complies with AS/NZS 4994.1:2009. Panels also feature a rectangular rolled wire top. Additionally, the rolled wire bottom includes a galvanised kick plate. This solid kick plate helps prevent objects from falling through the panel bottom, reducing the risk of losing objects near the drop-off.

Purpose of Edge Protection Fencing

Each edge protection fencing has two primary purposes; the first is to create a temporary fence around the perimeter of a working area to keep the workforce safe from accidentally falling. The second purpose of the edge protection fencing system is to stop materials and debris from leaving the worksite & falling.


1. reinforced sidebar for durability
2. returns no sharp edges on the top edge
3. Close and return to the kickboard for better debris control
4. Steel mesh protection with the impact absorption capacity



Wire diameter Hole size Length Height Feature Post
4.0mm 8.0mm-edge protection fencing




1.5-3.0m 1.3-1.6m

BS EN 13374

Class A

Lock post



Wire diameter 5-8mm
Opening size 50*200mm
edge protection fencing Panel size 1100*1700/1100*2400mm/1300*1300mm/1300*2200mm
Post diameter/thickness 48*1.5/2.0mm
Surface treatment Galvanized+powder coated / galvanized+painted /black +powder coated
Specifications can be made according to your requirements

Feature Edge Protection Fencing

  • 1. The Raw Material is Low-Carbon Steel Wire. Welded By Heavy Wire, with 90 Degree on the top and bottom, the piece of toe board was welded on the bottom of the Edge protection Barriers to Protect Small Stone Falling, avoid hurting somebody. It also has continuous Wire, no cut wire, making the Temporary Protection Fence Smooth, Flat and Straight.
  • 2. Bending on the Top of Edge Protection Barriers. There is a 90 Degree Bending on the top of the Temporary Edge Protection Barriers; it is straight, make the fence flatling, have high shock strength to protect Peoples.
  • 3. make the Temporary Protection Fence Smooth, Flat and Straight. Powder Coated Surface Treatment is more beautiful and anti-rust; it makes its long using life to save costs.
  • 4. The Edge Safety Protection Barriers can recycle many times. The Toe Board on the bottom of the Edge Protection Barriers is welded on the Bottom Wire to Prevent Small Stone falling, Avoid Hurting Somebody.

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