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Temporary noise barriers


Temporary noise barriers

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Temporary noise barriers are more realistic for a project. We understand contractors have limited time; this product was designed to be installed on temporary fencing and/or any other mounting points available. They don’t need to be cut or shaped, just hung up or cable tied: Instant temporary acoustic barriers for highways. We provide a variety of temporary noise barriers to improve and protect your working environment. Provides custom noise control barriers in any shape, size or colour you require. Our bespoke noise control barriers are a simple solution to improving your working environment by reducing noise for workers and those living in surrounding areas.


  • Light-duty design easy to install and fold up to transport stacking in pallet
  • 100% non-poisonous No irritant composite materials friendly to the environment
  • Waterproof 100%
  • Entirely Resistant Fire
  • Excellent flexibility and tenacity

After using our temporary noise barriers, Noise pollution is reduced significantly, which safeguards your employees from hearing impairments and reduces the possibility of being forced to stop work due to noise complaints.

Applications Temporary noise barriers

Improve relations with the surrounding area
Reduce complaints regarding the noise of construction
Improve the working environment
Manage dust and debris


1 Layer Optimal Materials of PVC acoustic membrane Highest Strength Indispensable
2 Layer Sound insulation Felt made EPDM(Ethylene PROPYLENE DIENE Monomer) Indispensable
3 Layer Absorb Acoustic wool made in Non-woven Cloth Indispensable
4 Layer Waterproof Lining Indispensable
EPDM with excellent sound insulation and absorption ability available 25dB 30dB 40dB portable noise barriers fence Control
All materials are High Standard Waterproof and Medium Standard Fireproof

The mass loaded vinyl barrier is a highly flexible 5.4 kg/m2 sound and moisture barrier designed for those applications where an acoustical barrier is desired. A reinforced version of our temporary noise barriers fence AB302 is good, but it could be better. Reflective acoustic vinyl barrier alone has its disadvantage.

Photo Temporary noise barriers

Highway and Noise absorption panels 40dB Minimum PVC materials membranceTemporary noise barriers 1

Temporary noise barriers 2

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