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temporary construction noise barrier


temporary construction noise barrier

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The four-layer temporary construction noise barrier is our standard product. The outdoor sound barrier consists of a temporary fencing noise barrier and a fixed sound barrier. A fixed sound barrier is usually made of iron or concrete, and once it's installed, it lasts for decades. So it's usually expensive, and we don't produce. If you want a portable sound barrier to move it from one place to another easily, you have come to the right place. We can help!

temporary construction noise barriers are produced using an optimal weight and density of PVC acoustic membrane and are hand-sewn to ensure they retain the highest strength. There is a layer of sound insulation felt, a layer of acoustic foam and a unique waterproof lining on the back of the barrier. The unique performance of the acoustic wool/foam will, therefore, not deteriorate as the barriers age and wear. This is particularly useful where temporary acoustic fencing is used on construction sites or in extreme weather conditions.


  • The light-duty design is easy to install and fold up to transport, stacking in pallets
  • 100% non-poisonous No irritant composite materials friendly to the environment
  • Waterproof 100%
  • Entirely Resistant Fire
  • Excellent flexibility and tenacity
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temporary construction noise barriers 2 temporary construction noise barriers 3

Several temporary construction noise barriers can be faster erected to an enclosure to build a temporary restroom or office on the construction sites. Just inform us of the height x width x length we will create a design and meet your budget. A temporary insulation room is an ideal area to operate many things



  • Temporary Fencing
  • Construction Scaffolding
  • Solid hoarding
  • Construction Residential
  • Construction Projects
  • Residential Works
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Retail renovation
  • Mine sites
  • Offshore and onshore oil & gas
  • Processing plants
  • factories & workshops
  • Machinery enclosures

Specification of temporary construction noise barriers

Temporary Noise Fence /barriers /Enclosure
Inside Materials Composite Laminated ( Iron Powder, quartz, Rubber) high tenacity polyester
Outside Materials PVC film is easy to clean UV treated
Size Available customized standard 1950mm*1200mm 1830mm*1500mm etc
Temporary Acoustic barrier Eliminate Noise Rate
25dB per square meter weight 3.4kg laminated thick 1.2mm
30dB per square meter weight 4.4kg laminated thick 2.0mm
40dB per square meter weight 6.4kg laminated thick 3.0mm
Eyelets According to requirements usual 100mm per one

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