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Twin-wire fencing


Twin-wire fencing

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Twin-wire fencing is explicitly designed to resist attack and vandalism. The mesh comprises 6mm, vertical steel wires that run in between two 8mm horizontal running wires. This has the effect of making twin wire 868 mesh fencing challenging to cut through with standard tools.

Twin-wire fencing 868 mesh fencing offers an extraordinary level of security. The design of the mesh combined with the thickness of the steel wire makes it extremely difficult to cut through, whilst the way the profile at the top of the panel makes it difficult to climb over. Also, twin mesh fencing's open design gives you and your security systems a clear line of sight, enabling you to carefully observe any suspicious activity 6'x12′a 86'x12′ 8'x12′ing place on the other side of your fence.

The double-wire fencing features the grid structure, beauty and practical landscaping. In addition, the double wire fencing features easy transportation and installation without the limitations of a particular terrain. It is adjusted to mountain, hillside and winding zones. The double wire fence has an attractive appearance and various colours; it has a fencing function and a beautifying effect.


Twin-wire fencing 0

Specification Twin-wire Fencing

Double Wire Panel Fencing Specifications:
Height width
Mesh Size
Wire Diameter Post Height
630X2500 50X200 8X2+6 6X2+5 6X2+4 1100
830X2500 50X200 8X2+6 6X2+5 6X2+4 1300
1030X2500 50X200 8X2+6 6X2+5 6X2+4 1500
1230X2500 50X200 8X2+6 6X2+5 6X2+4 1700
1430X2500 50X200 8X2+6 6X2+5 6X2+4 1900
1630X2500-twin wire fencing 50X200 8X2+6 6X2+5 6X2+4 2100
1830X2500 50X200 8X2+6 6X2+5 6X2+4 2400
2030X2500 50X200 8X2+6 6X2+5 6X2+4 2600
2230X2500 50X200 8X2+6 6X2+5 6X2+4 2800
2430X2500 50X200 8X2+6 6X2+5 6X2+4 3000

Fence Post

The Specification twin wire fencing post
Post Size Thickness
Square post 50*50mm 60*60mm 80*80mm 100*100mm 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm
Rectangular post 40*60mm 60*80mm 60*120mm 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm
Peach post 50*70mm 60*90mm 70*100mm 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm

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