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event crowd control barriers


event crowd control barriers

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event crowd control barriers are a barricade or fencing system to manage the vehicle and pedestrian traffic conveniently and easily at your event to control vehicles and pedestrians walking along their one lane. All of our crowd barriers are easy to assemble and install in a short time to provide vehicles and pedestrians with safety and management. Crowd Control Barriers Made of Q235 steel is a low carbon steel material.

Production Process

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As a standard event crowd control barriers manufacturer, the production process: firstly, bend the frame to a certain degree. Secondly, punch holes on the horizontal rails, the inner upright cut particular size before it is inserted into the frame before welding. Thirdly, they are welded together by a customized vertical spacing with an interlocking hinge system and removable steel feet to ensure stability and safety. Finally, they are hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated colours to anti-rust to last longer.
Production of Crowd Control Barriers

Surface Treatment of Crowd Control Barriers

Loading and Packing of Crowd Control Barriers

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event crowd control barriers Features

event crowd control barriers available hot-dipped galvanized and powder coated with Prevent Rust And Corrosion

  • 360 Degree Full Welding Joints Providing More Strength For Steel Barriers
  • 30 Degree At Hook Vertical Ending Against Theft
  • 100mm or 125mm Upright Spacing Of Crowd Control Barricades Keep Children Safety
  • Interlocking Hooks and Half-Loop Connection System
  • Four Types of Removable Base Supplying Excellent Stability
  • Easy To Transport And Install For Traffic Barrier
  • Customized Logo On Crowd Control Barricades For Your Company Advertising
  • Guide Crowds And Traffics Effectively


Sand-Polish Galvanized Thorn
Better Quality of Zinc Material
10 Years of Crowd Safety Barriers Production Experiences
3D Drawing Design Before Production To Confirm
Standard Packing Avoiding Surface Damage, Safety Barrier
Professional Crowd Control Solutions
Crowd Control Barriers Price From Direct Factory
Guarantee Compensation Of Traffic Barrier After-Sales


The event crowd control barriers usually apply in public events and festivals, worksites, museum displays, Parking Lots, Waiting Lines, Block Parties, Concerts, etc.
These pedestrian road barriers are easy to use to keep people from crowded together and keep everything in better order. Meanwhile, they are also best sellers in many countries because of their high quality and low prices. With products of the best quality and the most professional sales team, we are committed to providing you with high-quality products and quality services. Through the effort of our entire staff, we believe that we can be your best partner at home and abroad.

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event crowd control barriers

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