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steel crowd control barriers


steel crowd control barriers

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The steel crowd control barriers are ideal, specifically where high premium, attractive, and durable crowd control is called for. Designed to proven design standards, Crowd Control Barriers is manufactured from premium carbon steel and is hot-dipped galvanized inside and out to ensure long-term weather resistance.
All steel crowd control barriers frames are made from long-lasting 1-1/2" OD 16 gauge steel framing, while uprights are made from 1/2" OD 16 gauge steel tubing. Uprights are fully inserted into the frame before welding, furnishing phenomenal strength. Choose from two-foot systems: a detachable bridge foot or a detachable flat foot. Barricade interlock using the industry-standard hook and half-loop fastening system provides a union that prevents a single barricade from being removed from a continuous line of barricades. The Crowd Steel Barricade is the best selling steel crowd control barrier.

Feet Optional of Crowd Control Barriers

steel crowd control barriers are a kind of temporary fencing for designated events, which can provide security concerning patrons and the general public. Crowd control barricade panels interlock one another along with hook and loop. The barricade fencing panel can certainly stand on the floor with three types of feet: flat feet, crossed feet, and removable bridge feet. These feet are hassle-free and eco-friendly because they can be installed well without drilling or excavating holes.
Crowd control barrier with flat metal feet. Cross Foot Bridge Foot bridge feet and wheels.
Three pedestrian barrier panels installed with flat feet stand on the lawn, they are interlocked with hook and loop. A barricade fence panel with crossed feet stands on the concrete. Two crowd control barriers with bridge feet are standing on the floor. A crowd control barrier with bridge feet and four wheels stands on the concrete.

Features steel crowd control barriers :

  • Good strength and stability.
  • Easy to install and dismantle. Require no drilling or digging.
  • Reusable and long service time.
  • More practical and efficient.
  • Rent and purchase are all available.
  • Have different types, sizes and colours.
  • The barrier fence length is flexible for different sites.


With so many benefits, the steel crowd control barriers can be used to provide security for people on various occasions.

  • Create a specific space for public events for safety and security, this type of as outdoor celebrations, concerts, sporting activities events, and many more.
  • Assist folks to escape smoothly in many emergencies.
  • Serving as a bike barrier at the curbside.
  • Safety signage for some dangerous places.
  • Security barrier here at the building sites.
  • Considering the aisle barrier of the exit in parks, stations and other public places.
  • Temporary isolation or separation in some places, like a parking lot, exhibitions, etc.

Specification of steel crowd control barriers

Panel Length Panel Height Frame Tube Inner Tube Inner Tube Distance Feet
6.5′ 36″ 40″ 47″ 60″ Φ38×1.5mm Φ38×1.8mm Φ38x2mm Φ12×1.2mm Φ12×1.5mm Φ16×1.5mm 110mm 120mm 150mm
Flat feet: 50x580x6 mm
Bridge feet:Length x Width: 67.5x50cm
V shape feet height:270mm
Surface Treatment
1. Hot-dipped galvanized wire and tube welded
2. PVC coated after galvanized wire and tube welded
3. Hot-dipped galvanized after black wire and tube welded

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