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358 welded wire mesh fence


358 welded wire mesh fence

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358 welded wire mesh fence is also called 358 fence, which provides high standard security. An intruder cannot climb or easily cut it due to the mesh size. Furthermore, profiled panels and panels with additional wire can make it more unbreakable, and different post options are available for you to choose from.


•High-security level
•Expensive compared to another type of fence
•Difficult to move


358 welded wire mesh available 2d 3d fencing panels and 2D panel without curves and plus with one additional horizontal wire every 11 mesh. The wire thickness, panel height, and panel width are different; please contact us for the details.

Standard mesh panel- 2D

Mesh size Height Width Line wire x crosswire Post length Nos. Of brackets
76.2x12.7mm 2100 2500/2750/3000




2700 7
2200 2500/2750/3000 2800 8
2400 2500/2750/3000 3000 9
2700 2200/2300 3700 10
3000 2200/2300 4000 11
3600 2200/2300 4800 12
4000 2200/2300 5200 14
Mesh size Height Width Line wire x crosswire Nos. Of curves Post length Nos. Of brackets
76.2x12.7mm 1800 2500/2900/3000




3 2600 6
2000 2500/2900/3000 4 2700 7
2200 2500/2900/3000 4 2800 8
2400 2500/2900/3000 4 3000 9
2700 2500/2900/3000 5 3500 10
3000 2250/2500 5 4000 12
4000 2250 5 5200 14

358 Post options

Square post IPE post Rectangle post C post with a flat bar
Popular size A 60x60 100x55 60x80 60x80
Popular size B-358 welded wire mesh fence post 80x80 100x68 80x100 80x100
Popular size C 100x100 120x74 100x150 100x150
Wall thickness 1.2-1.5mm 1.2-2.0mm 2.5-5.0mm 2.0-5.0

Advantages 358 welded wire mesh fence :

358 wire mesh fence aperture is 72.2mm horizontal x 8.7mm vertical and makes 358 security fencing extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools, thus providing a high delay factor. Despite the high degree of security, the visual impact of a 358 fence on the environment remains very discreet. It is specifically configured to give maximum visibility (important for transparent camera surveillance and identifying intruders.)

Packaging 358 welded wire mesh fence

fence panel: wrapped with canton box and put on the metal pallet
post: wrapped with a plastic strip and in bulk
accessory: in carton box

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