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Garrison fence Alamosa colorado


Garrison fence Alamosa colorado

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Garrison fence Alamosa colorado is also widely known as garrison security fencing, spear top security fencing, and crimped top security fencing.

  1. Material: Galvanized steel tube, Aluminum tube
  2. Horizontal rails: Standard 40×40 mm steel tube
  3. Post use (60×60*1.5mm,65×65×2.0mm, 75×75×2.5mm)
  4. Fixings: steel brackets or aluminium brackets.

Surface: garrison fence panels can use pre hot dipped galvanized tube fabricate after several clear procedures. We use famous international powder (Akzo Nobel)sprayed. In that case, it can strongly resist corrosive and ultraviolet radiation. Double coating layer high-quality anti corrupt. The longevity will be ten years long.



  • 1. Material: garrison fence Alamosa colorado made of pre-galvanized steel tubes
  • 2. Finishing: black satin powder coated finishing, another colour also available upon your request.
  • 3. Technology: Verticals passed through the top and bottom rails and welded to the rails.
  • A dimension of garrison fencing:
Specification Of Steel Fence
Panel Size(H*L) 1.2x1.8m,1.2x2.0m, 1.5x1.8m,1.5x2.0m,1.8x2.0m,1.8mx2.4m,2.1x2.4m, Etc
Horizontal Rail 30x30mm, 40*40mm,45*45mm, 2 Rails,3 Rails Or 4 Rails
Picket Tube 15x15mm,19*19mm,25*25mm
Thickness: 0.6--1.2mm
Post 50*50mm,60*60mm,80*80mm,100*100mm, Thickness: 1.2--3.0mm
Vertical Pipe Distance 100mm,110mm,120mm
Color Popular Color Is Black ,All RAL Color Can Be Customized.
Surface Treatment Galvanized + Powder Coated, Hot dipped galvanized.
Note: The Fence Can Be Customized According To Your Required If Above Specification Is Not Satisfied With You

Applications of garrison fence Alamosa colorado

  • School fencing
  • Commercial fencing
  • Industry fencing
  • Car park fencing

We also can custom produce garrison fence Alamosa colorado products upon your request; feel free to contact us for more information about garrison fencing.


  • 1. garrison fence Alamosa colorado has harmony, the surrounding environment's signature, and the difference with the neighbouring unit.
  • 2, accord with environmental protection, accord with human body engineering, fine artistry, good process, technology strength, product surface smooth, no burr, anti-corrosion treatment, uniform coating, permeability is good, do not affect the person's visual line of sight, weather resistance, anti-aging, pest-resistant, use a function in place to meet safety spacing and solid strength, satisfy the requirement of the owner when to use height and fat, without stumbling, hinder the phenomenon such as hand, perfect or minor defects.

garrison fence Alamosa colorado 0garrison fence alamosa coloradogarrison fence alamosa colorado

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