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Razor wire mesh fence


Razor wire mesh fence

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75X150mm/150X300mm Rhombus/Diamond Hole Welded Razor Mesh Fencing

Razor wire mesh fence is a multi-functional, high-security razor fence made by welding straight blade nettings together has been designed as a high-security fencing mesh used to protect commercial, industrial and government institutions. The product is virtually impossible to climb or cut with standard tools. The diamond pattern combined with vertical opposing barbs act as an entrapment, yet it still looks neat.

This kind of razor wire is straightforward to install; features of welded razor wire mesh:

1. Non-climbing;
2. Robust welded structure;
3. Zinc coating improve corrosive resistance;
4. Available in square and diamond profile.

benefits of welded razor wire mesh fence :

razor mesh fencing is almost impossible to climb.
The high-strength steel core is tough to cut off.
Powerful security fence barriers neat appearance.
No secondary use, so he will not be stolen.
Extremely simple to install, needs three to four to install the moulding.

Structure razor wire mesh fence

(welded)Rhombus Razor Mesh Fencing is made of straight-blade razor wire welded together, and the mesh pattern can be made into DIAMOND, SQUARE or RECTANGULAR. The welded razor mesh is packaged into a roll form for transport. Benefits of Razor Mesh Fence


1. razor wire mesh fence is almost impossible to climb
2. high-strength steel core tough to cut off
3. powerful security fence barriers neat appearance
4. no secondary use, so he will not be stolen
5. extremely simple to install, needs three to four to install the moulding.

Applications of Razor Mesh Fence

Razor mesh is installed in various parts of the world's airports, military bases, Mining areas, water substations, border fence, oil depots, factories, etc.


Type Razor Mesh(Diamond Hole) Razor Mesh(Square Hole)
Thickness of Sheet 0.5mm±0.05mm
Wire Diameter 2.5mm±0.1mm
Height 1.0m-2.4m
Length 2.0m-10.0m
Mesh Size 75mmx150mm
welded barbed razor wire mesh
Gauge diameter Hole shape Mesh width Suited blade specifications
100mm×100mm Square hole, diamond 1.2m ~ 2.4m BTO-, CBT-60.65
100mm×150mm Square hole,diamond 1.2m ~ 2.4m BTO-, CBT-60.65
100mm×200mm Square hole,diamond 1.2m ~ 2.4m BTO-, CBT-60.65
150mm×300mm Square hole,diamond 1.2m ~ 2.4m BTO-, CBT-60.65
(other nets hole can according to customers' special needs)

razor wire mesh fence photo

welded barbed razor wire mesh
razor wire mesh fence machinerazor wire mesh fence 3razor wire mesh fence

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