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358 welded wire mesh fence


358 welded wire mesh fence

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358 welded wire mesh fence is the most popular choice for applications requiring the maximum possible standards in security fencing.358 mesh fencing is commonly specified for prisons, airports and military installations; this fence style provides the ultimate barrier to climbing and attacking. In addition to this unprecedented penetration delay, 358 palisade fencing allows visibility, even along extended lengths of fencing.

358 anti-climb fence features:

Anti-climb: The opening holes are so small that even fingers cannot penetrate.
Anti-cut: Boltcutter and wire cutter cannot make themselves through the narrow holes. Therefore the fence won't be destroyed.
Strong welded point: The welded joints are fixed firmly won't split by natural human and natural force.
Smooth surface: The panel finish surface is well-proportioned for a decorative effect.
Durable: The panel sheet is galvanized uniformly, and PVC coated, ensuring a long service life.

Specification 358 welded wire mesh fence :

  • 358 Mesh Dimensions: 76.2mm wide by 12.7mm high.
  • Horizontal wire diameter: 4mm
  • Vertical wire diameter: 4mm
  • Mesh configuration: Single horizontal and vertical wires, resistance welded at each intersection.
  • Standard Finish: Hot-dip galvanized to ISO 1461/1999 and polyester powder coated in one of the following colours: Grey, RAL 7023; Green RAL 6005; White RAL 9010; Anthracite RAL 7016.
  • Non-Standard Finish: A wide range of RAL colours are available for decorative 358 fencings; please call for 358 mesh fencing prices and availability.
A closely spaced 358 welded wire mesh fence of 4mm diameter steel wires presents the most severe barrier to cutting, hand tools are ineffective, and power tools require extended operation and multiple blades.
High Wire diameter Mesh size No. fixings Post size Post spacing
1270mm 4.0mm 76.2×12.7mm 5 60×60×2mm 2440mm
1500mm 4.0mm 76.2×12.7mm 5 60×60×2mm 2440mm
1800mm 4.0mm 76.2×12.7mm 6 60×60×2mm 2440mm
2000mm 358 welded wire mesh fence 4.0mm 76.2×12.7mm 6 60×60×2mm 2440mm
2135mm 4.0mm 76.2×12.7mm 8 60×60×2mm 2440mm
2440mm 4.0mm 76.2×12.7mm 9 60×60×2mm 2440mm
3000mm 4.0mm   11 60×60×2mm 2440mm
The pending 358 welded wire mesh fence diameter is 4.0mm. Opening size 76.2×12.7mm. The post is 60×60mm. Thickness 2.0mm or 3.0mm. The post with a base or the post Embedded underground 0.6m. We use a flat plate fixed panel to post. The installation is straightforward and practical.
358 welded wire mesh fence
358 welded wire mesh fence 4358 welded wire mesh fence

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