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high-quality razor wire mesh


high-quality razor wire mesh

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High-quality razor wire mesh was developed as a high-security mesh to protect commercial and industrial properties and government institutions. Being virtually impossible to climb or cut with standard tools. Its diamond-pattern combined with vertical, opposing security barbs is a means of entrapment while retaining a neat and physical appearance – unique in its class. Produced exclusively from reinforced, patented Ripper Blade razor wire. Welded Razor Mesh is installed worldwide at airports, military bases, water reservoirs, warehouses, electrical substations, border posts, oil depots, factories and other significant sites of national importance.

Feature high-quality razor wire mesh

  • Virtually Impossible to Climb
  • High Tensile Core Wire
  • Very Difficult to Cut
  • No need to install added razor wire
  • No Secondary use – Averting Theft
  • Easy to Install
  • Neat Appearance


  • Virtually impossible to climb
  • High tensile core wire, rigid to cut
  • Powerful barrier with a neat appearance
  • A complete fence (no need to install a smooth wire fence and then add razor wire)
  • No secondary use (the fence mesh itself is not stolen for alternative use)
  • Simple to install


Ultimate security as a free-standing fence. Razor mesh is also an optimum deterrent if fitted to the palisade and pre-cast walling to avoid the breaking out of wall-panels or palisades, as is commonly found on plots and farms, commercial and industrial areas. And is also fitted to walls and fortifications for optimum security.

Specification of high-quality razor wire mesh

Name   high-quality razor wire mesh    
  Core Wire Razor Strip (sheet) Square Razor Mesh Size Diamond Razor Mesh Size
  2.50 ± 0.05 mm 0.50 ± 0.05 mm 50 × 150 mm 75 × 150 mm
Specification High Tensile Galvanised Wire Or stainless steel wire Galvanised sheet strip razor Or stainless steel sheet 75 × 150 mm 150 × 300 mm
      100x150 mm  
Additional Other Mesh Sizes According to Customers' requirement

high quality razor wire mesh for sale

Wall Toppings

We supply various high-quality razor wire mesh toppings; wall spikes are a neat security alternative. We install the following types of wall toppings.

  • Shark tooth spikes
  • Castle security spikes
  • Small and large spikes
  • Ripper & standard flat wrap 500mm
  • Ripper & concertina razor coils 450mm in diameter
  • 4 Strand ribbon razor wire 500mm
    - Compact & easy to install
    - Each blade reinforced
    - Vertical blades designed to penetrate blankets, canvas, etc.
  • 3 Strand ribbon razor wire 340mm
    - Compact & easy to install
    - Each blade reinforced
    - Vertical blades designed to penetrate blankets, canvas, etc.

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