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Double Wire Fence


Double Wire Fence

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Double Wire Fence

Twin Wire Fence is Often used to protect sports, playgrounds, schools and nurseries, and industrial land. It can also be used as a professional fence for airports and military bases, also known as airport fences. Twin Wire Fence, also known as Double wire fence and double horizontal wire fence, is formed by superposition and welding of one vertical wire and two horizontal wires. This double horizontal wire structure makes it more robust and substantial than an ordinary fence. Features of double wire fence: simple grid, beautiful and practical, high strength. It belongs to a kind of heavy mesh combined with columns to form an advanced fence system.


Twin Wire Fence (Surface Treatment) (Min. )(Max. )
(Electric Gal. )20G/M2 60G/M2
(Hot dipped Gal. )35G/M2 500G/M2
(Powders Sprayed coating) 160 microns 240 microns
(PVC/PE dipped coating) 600 microns 1000 microns


  • (1) The grid structure is concise, beautiful and practical and has the function of beautifying the environment. It is mainly used for the beautification effect of parks, stadiums, sports fields and living quarters;
  • (2) Twin-wire fence is convenient for transportation and installation without topographic relief and has strong adaptability to mountains, slopes and multi bend zones;
  • (3) The double-sided welding process is adopted. Compared with an ordinary fence, a double wire fence uses more materials and has considerable weight, a firm mesh surface, and high quality, so the procurement cost is medium and above.

Specifications Twin Wire Fence

Material: Low carbon steel
Process: Made through weaving, punching and welding.
Application: Fencing and protection for the road, railway, airport, residence district, seaport, garden, feeding and husbandry
Product Features: Corrosion-resistant, age resistant, sunshine proof, weatherproof.
Twin Wire Fence Corrosion Form: Pre-galvanized + PVC coated
Pre-galvanized + powder-coated ( PVC spraying)
Hot-dipped galvanized finish
Fence Dia. Mesh size Panel width Panel height Fold no. Post height Post model
Fix 1 Fix 2


200*55mm 200*60mm

830mm 2 1200mm 900mm
Square post
Peach post
Round post
Holland post
1030mm 2 1400mm 1200mm
1230mm 2 1600mm 1400mm
1530mm 3 2000mm 1700mm
1730mm 3 2200mm 1900mm
1830mm 4 2300mm 2000mm
2030mm 4 2500mm 2200mm
2230mm 4 2700mm 2400mm
2530mm 5 3000mm 2600mm

Photo Twin Wire Fence

Double Wire Fence 0

twin wire fence

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