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Garrison fence Alamosa colorado


Garrison fence Alamosa colorado

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Garrison fence Alamosa colorado is practical for commercial and industrial purposes, regulated by council approval. This sturdy fence is made from welded steel or aluminium panels with a crimped arrowhead spear at the top, making it difficult for intruders to navigate.

Garrison Fence makes intrusion extremely difficult. Finished with an aggressive pointed top, the fence is dangerous to climb. If entry is made, then exit is just as hard and often ends in arrest for the intruder. Available as standard 1800mm and 2100mm high, the fencing can be supplied as 1800mm or 2400mm and made to measure between pillars on front alignments. garrison Fencing is available 2,3 4 rails depending on customer requirements. And the technology is available for punched rails and full weld rails with suitable pails. Gates also match and use heavy-duty hinges, providing years of trouble-free service. Lasting far longer than wire fencing solves the ongoing capital expenses of wire fence maintenance and replacement.
Powdercoated to suit your landscape and building, this fence is the premium boundary solution for industrial and commercial properties.

Rails Number of Garrison Fencing

Garrison fence Alamosa colorado 0

Specifications garrison fence Alamosa colorado

1. Material: pre-galvanized steel tube.
2. Assembly method: vertical tube passing through the top and bottom rails and welded to the rails by stainless steel welding or silicon bronze welding.
3. Finishing: powder-coated, with the colour of black cream, blue.
4. Package: in the pallet.
Custom garrison fence Alamosa colorado is also available upon your request.

Panel Dimension mm Upright Tube Rails Rails No. Post Accessories
Height Width






16×16×1.0 32×32×1.2 Available 2, 3, 4




Cap ×1
1500 19×19×1.0 40×40×1.2 Bracket ×4
1800 25×25×1.0 45×45×1.2 Self Drilling Screw×16
2100 32×32×1.0 60×60×1.5  

As the leading manufacturer of security fencing panels in China, we can ensure excellent quality, reasonable price and delivery time.

Size Post Length(without flange)
25mmx25mmx1.6thickness 1800mm
25mmx25mmx1.6thickness 2100mm
25mmx25mmx1.6thickness 2400mm

Feature garrison fence Alamosa colorado :

Four layers of anti-corrosion treatment.
Anti-oxidation and weather resistance.
Good impact resistance.
Dignified and generous.
Various colours are available.
Non-welding, assembly design.
Quick and easy installation.

garrison fence alamosa colorado


Garrison fence Alamosa colorado are widely used as ornamental fences for industrial, agricultural, commercial, residential, and municipal construction.

  • Airport & harbour fencing.
  • Residential allotment fencing.
  • School security fencing.
  • Station fencing.
  • Garden & lawn fencing.
  • Factory & hotel fencing.
  • Parking lot fencing.
  • Park & pool fencing.
  • Power station fencing.
  • Highway & railway roadside fence.
  • Supermarkets & entertainment venues fence.
  • Balcony protective fence.
  • Stairway guardrail.

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