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sheep panels for sale


sheep panels for sale

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sheep panels for sale our fence panels are fabricated with welded hot dip galvanized pipes for fencing livestock sheep/goats. Easy to assemble and lightweight for easy handling, Metal sheep panels are manufactured from high-strength steel. Ideal for use where portable or permanent yards are required. Sheep panels fit together easily using a drop pin through the lugs located on each panel post. Sheep panels are the ideal way to get sheep yards built fast. These panels are also portable and suitable for holding yards of any size. They come in four different configurations to suit your requirements. Tough and strong, they withstand a range of stock pressure and come ready to use with 16mm pins.

Our sheep Panels for sale are super simple and quick to put together. All options have two double lugs and two single lugs welded to the panel for inserting cattle pins to hold them together. It takes mere seconds to drop the cattle pins into the lugs on every panel, and they are ready to position and use. Sheep fence panels allow you to build semi-permanent yards of any size suitable for working cattle and loading for transport.

Types of Sheep Panels

Square tubes sheep panels Round Tubes Sheep Panels
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Sheep panels for sale come in 3 options, and each design offers a certain level of protection from stock bruising. Round pipe, square tube and oval pipes are available. They form oversized, easy-to-see cross rails made from long galvanized oval pipes. The cross rails are galvanized steel tubes and tough enough to last a lifetime. They come in different configurations to suit your requirements and budget.

Each panel includes 2pcs:

Foot Plates

180mm Drop Pins (tapered end)

Square Post Caps

FMS L Cleats used with slotted 20mm x 30mm holes

FMS C Cleats used with slotted 20mm x 30mm holes

Material hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe
Size (H xL) One x2.9m, one x2.2m, or as your requirements.
Horizontal pipe three types( square,oval,round)
1) square pipe:40 x40 x1.6mm 50x50x1.6 or 2.0mm
2) oval pipe:30 x60 x1.6mm;40 x80 x1.6mm
3) round pipe:32mm,25mm x1.6mm
Structural style one set=one panel, +two pins
Bars/rails 1m high with 6 bars/rails or 0.9m high with 5 bars/rails
Applications Used in the protection of animals
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Advantages of sheep panels for sale

  • 1. Prompt Delivery
  • 2. Have our factory.
  • 3. 24 hours online service.
  • 4. 11 years of export experience.
  • 5. High Quality and Competitive Price.
  • 6. Have an independent production team.

Process of Easy Handling Sheep Panel Goat Panel

  • 1. Cutting tube: we cut tubes by machine now, so the length and angle are more accurate, and the cross-section was more smooth.
  • 2. Welding: welding spots were smooth; we will also polish the welding spots after welding.
  • 3. Silver spray paint: the newly designed silver spray was stronger adhesion, and the anti-rust function was excellent.

Order proceeding sheep panels for sale

  • 1. The two sides communicate to confirm product specifications.
  • 2. Signed a contract.
  • 3. Client pays 50% as a deposit.
  • 4. Production.
  • 5. Packaging & Delivery.
  • 6. Client finishes the balance payments.
  • 7. We send the original Bill of Lading to the client.

After service

  • 1. After placing orders will be timely feedback to track the progress of related production, shipment, delivery and other production conditions.
  • 2. Following the stipulated shipment delivery time, guaranteed delivery and supply capacity.
  • 3. Encounter any quality problems can always contact us.
  • 4. I Can visit you and face to face communication every year.

FAQ sheep panels for sale

  • Q1.manufacturer or trading company?A: We are a manufacturer having more than ten years of production experience.
  • Q2.Minimum of order: One set can be met, but the price will be higher.
  • Q3.Can you arrange the shipment during the busy season? A: We have been shipping for many years, and we have a good relationship with ship lines. Our products can be shipped on priority.

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