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Industrial wire mesh containers


Industrial wire mesh containers

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Industrial wire mesh containers named wire container, wire mesh container, wire mesh storage containers; one of the storage tools in warehouse storage management worked in much wide range as convenient logistic tools, foldable collapsible wire cage easy to action, loading capacity 500kg to 1500kg per piece, more substantial works for small and multi-series; available to stack together in 3 or 4 tier, heavy-duty works, four wheels increase container movement, connector in a container to container, it is best works for factory position to position transport.

industrial wire mesh containers Advantages:

1. industrial wire mesh containers widely used in the warehouse, logistics, and recycling industry.
2. Welded wire firm structure
3. Electro-galvanized finish or Powder coated finish is available
4. Stackable, collapsible, folds flat to save space
5. Drop gate for easy access when stacked
6. Easy forklift access from all sides
7. Lowest maintenance cost
8. Product can be customized specification or OEM
9. industrial wire mesh containers Available accessories: casters, top lids, shelves, inner dividers, forklift guide, plastic hollow board and cardholders

Product Description
Heavy Duty Foldable Stacking Steel Wire Mesh Pet Preform Bottle Cap Storage Container for Warehouse
Model NO. ED-22
Material Steel wire
Type Wire mesh container
Usage Warehouse, Industry
Product Features 1. Fold and nest for storage.
2. Bright electro-zinc plated finish.
3. Smooth sunning nylon, pp store with roller bearing.
4. Strong reinforced design.
5. Available with 2,3, or 4 sides and optional shelves.
6. Hygienic-can is steam cleaned, or pressure washed.
7. Application: Widely used in agricultural, electronic equipment, mechanic industry, etc
Excellent delivery time 1. The delivery time will be within 30 days after receiving the deposit.
2. And we could promise: "A penalty of 1% will be charged for each week of the delay".
Product Diversification Wire mesh decking, wire mesh container, Roll cage, Pallet cage, Tire Rack, Pallet converter, Nestainer, Plastic Pallet

Specification industrial wire mesh containers

Model No. External size L*W*H(mm) Internal size L*W*H(mm)
Dia of mesh
Mesh size(mm)
Load capacity
KS-CS01 800*600*640 750*550*500 4.8 50*50 200
KS-CS02 5.3 50*50 400
KS-CS03 5.6 50*50 600
KS-CS04 5.8 50*50 800
KS-CS05 50*100 600
KS-CM01 1000*800*840 950*750*700 4.8 50*50 300
KS-CM02 5.3 50*50 600
KS-CM03 5.6 50*50 1000
KS-CM04 5.7 50*50 1100
KS-CM05 5.7 50*100 800
KS-CM06 5.8 50*50 1200
KS-CM07 50*100 1000
industrial wire mesh containers          
KS-CL01 1200*1000*890 1150*950*750 4.8 50*50 400
KS-CL02 50*100 200
KS-CL03 5.3 50*50 600
KS-CL04 50*100 400
KS-CL05 5.6 50*50 1000
KS-CL06 50*100 800
KS-CL07 5.8 50*50 1500
KS-CL08 50*100 1300


(1) industrial wire mesh containers -save space when not in use.
(2) Bright electro-zinc plated finish.
(3) Standard half-hinged gate access.
(4) Long-lasting, economical alternative to disposable packaging.
(5) industrial wire mesh containers come with open a wire mesh design that allows complete visibility for inventory checks, ventilation, and cleanliness.
(6) Four-way entry for easy use with lift trucks.

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industrial wire mesh containers 2industrial wire mesh containers 3

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