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Clear View Fencing


Clear View Fencing

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Clear View Fencing is security welded wire mesh fence barrier designed to bring maximum perimeter protection and excellent visibility through the mesh. V-Bends in the clear view fence panels create strength and rigidity. As a high-security barrier, clear view security fencing forms a physical and psychological deterrent to unauthorized entry and break-ins.
Our high-density mesh Clearvu Fencing is the most common perimeter barrier or control for the architectural profession and defence protection. We design three standard fence panels according to different secure grades: high security, medium security, and low security.

Clear View Fencing specification

  • Mesh panel heights: 1.8 m, 2.0 m, 2.2 m, 2.4 m, 3.0 m, larger sizes by special request.
  • Mesh panel width: 2.515 m.
  • Coatings: Hot dipped galvanized before welded, then polyester coated black, green, or white colour.
  • Panel bends: 45 mm rigidity bends.
  • Post with the plastic top cap.
  • Fixing: clamps and blot.
  • Security fencing toppings: fence spikes, razor wire, electrified fencing.
  • Clear view fencing panels options: high security, medium security, low security.

Parameters -1 clear view fencing

Security options Aperture Vertical Wire Thickness Horizontal Thickness Features
High Security 76 mm × 12.5 mm 4 mm 3.5 mm most secure, anti-cut, anti-climb, highly visible
Medium Security 76 mm × 25 mm 4 mm 4 mm anti-cut, and highly visible
Low Security 76 mm × 50 mm 4 mm 4 mm anti-cut, and highly visible, cost-effective
Table-2: Clear view fencing installation posts and clamps
Fence height Panel size
height × width
Posts section Post length No.of bends No. of clamps
1800 mm 1800 mm × 2515 mm 60 × 60 × 2 mm 2400 mm 4 16
2000 mm 2000 mm × 2515 mm 60 × 60 × 2 mm 2600 mm 4 16
2200 mm 2200 mm × 2515 mm 60 × 60 × 2 mm 2800 mm 4 16
2400 mm 2400 mm × 2515 mm 80 × 80 × 3 mm 3000 mm 4 16
3000 mm 3000 mm × 2515 mm 80 × 80 × 3 mm 3600 mm 5 20

Parameters -2

Panel Dimensions wire centre to wire centre Mesh Configuration wire centre to wire centre Wire diameter Approx Panel Weight Pallet Quantities Galvanised Wire Panels (class D*) Standard Sizes Galfan Coated Wire Panel (Class A**) Standard Sizes
2515 x 1207mm 76.2 x 12.7mm 3.95mm 27.2kg 50 Y Y
2515 x 1270mm 76.2 x 12.7mm 3.95mm 28.6kg 50 Y Y
2515 x 1829mm 76.2 x 12.7mm 3.95mm 41.1kg 25 Y Y
2515 x 2134mm 76.2 x 12.7mm 3.95mm 47.8kg 25 Y Y
2515 x 2438mm 76.2 x 12.7mm 3.95mm 54.6kg 25 Y Y
2515 x 2705mm 76.2 x 12.7mm 3.95mm 60.6kg 25 Y Y
2515 x 2997mm 76.2 x 12.7mm 3.95mm 67.1kg 20 Y Y
2515 x 3302mm 76.2 x 12.7mm 3.95mm 73.9kg 20 Y
2515 x 4204mm 76.2 x 12.7mm 3.95mm 94.0kg 15 Y
2515 x 5207mm 76.2 x 12.7mm 3.95mm 116.4kg 10 Y

Our clear view fence advantages

  • Anti-climb, anti-cut and 85% - 90% see-thru.
  • HD Galv and polyester coated for corrosion and rust resistance.
  • High to low-security fencing options.
  • V-Bends in the Clearvu Fencing panels create more strength and rigidity.
  • Clear view fence panels fixing to square tube post maximum security and strength.
  • We have professional installations teams.


A clear view fence is suitable for high, medium, and low-security applications as the following:
  • Warehousing isolation, workshop segmentation.
  • Road, railway, airport fence.
  • Prison, military security fence.
  • Medical facilities, educational school, recreational fencing.
  • Residential areas, business districts, government agencies, fences or gates.
  • Industrial area, farmhouse fence.
  • It can be suitable for flat or slope areas.
High-Security clear fencing with the most secure, anti-climbing, and highly visible residential fencing. Medium Security clear view fencing with anti-cut and obvious features. Low-security clear Vu fence for road fencing.

What effect the Clear view fence price

  • Due to different mesh apertures, clear view fence panels in different security grades have different prices.
  • High-security clear view fencing panels with the most density mesh has the highest price. But it is for the most secure and most attractive application.
  • Low-security clear view fencing panels with the largest mesh opening is cost-effective fencing.
  • In short, according to your actual fencing application and budget costs, choose the most suitable for your fence.

Panel Finish Options

  • Standard Galvanised wire finish (typically 80-100g/m² of Zincprior to Welding / fabrication)
  • Galfan wire finish (typically 275-300g/m2 of Zn/Al alloy before Welding / fabrication)
  • All panels can be offered with triple coat anti-corrosion architectural finish consisting of Galvanised / Galfan wire + ZincPhosphate pre-treatment + 100-micron Polyester coating to give long-lasting protection against the elements.

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