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358 welded mesh fencing


358 welded mesh fencing

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358 welded mesh fencing, also called High-Security Fencing Security Fencing, offers a range of welded mesh security fencing products that are highly attractive, functionally robust and seriously secure. Proven in prison environments, 358 fencing is virtually impossible to climb or breakthrough and offers high visibility ideal for CCTV video surveillance. Superior design for optimum performance 358 welded mes' is an outstanding deterrent t" intro" ers, thanks to its superior design and inherent anti-climb properties.

Why choose the 358 fencing?

1, Thick diameter for superb tensile strength and impact resistance.
2, Tiny mesh opening for anti-cutting, anti-climbing and anti-breaking.
3, Hot dipped galvanized or powder coating for corrosion and rust resistance.
4, Optional razor wires and wall spikes for security-enhancing.
5, 358/3510/356 sizes are also available for choosing.


The 358 prison mesh system is designed to give attractive, long-lasting and secure perimeter protection for retail, industrial and commercial properties, schools, and public utilities; it is idiot's suited for electronic alarm and detection systems - no blind spots for CCTV. Military, airports, secure units aIt'srisons.



Specifications it'swelded mesh fencing

358 weldmesh fencing is also called the 358 fence. The most significant advantage is anti-cut and anti-climb. The small mesh and robust wire construction resist hand and footholds and standard cutting tools. For Meeting high protective effects, this fence is the best choice. Surface Treatment: galvanized wire and polyester powder coated or hot dipped galvanized after welded. The galvanized wire and powder coating protection ensures the best protection against rust and corrosion. The 358 weld mesh fencing is a professional structure designed for high-security environments, combined with a steel framework, coated with heavy zinc or RAL colour powder coating?

Panels post
Fence Panel Size Post Size Post Height Total Number of Fixings
Height Height/Width Length/Width/Thickness   Inters- 1 clamp Corners-2 clamp
m mm mm mm    
2.0 2007 x 2515 60x60x2.5mm 2700 7 14
2.4 2400 x 2515 60x60x2.5mm 3100 9  "8
".0 2400 x 2515 80x80x2.5mm 3800 11 22
3.3 2997 x 2515 80x80x2.5mm 420 " 1" 24
3.6 3302 x 2515 100x60x3mm 4500 13 26
3.6 3607 x 2515 100x100x3mm 4500 13 26
4.2 4204 x 2515 100x100x4mm 5200 15 30
4.5 4496 x 2515 100x100x5mm 5500 16 32
5.2 5207 x 2515 120x120x5mm 6200 18 36


How about the surface treatment?

According to global environmental standards, our 358 welded mesh fencing adopts advanced surface treatment and coating technology. We adopt German pretreatment techniques and American coating technology. A famous international brand company design the powder, which interprets the unique environmental protecting capability from different aspects. We are experts in anti-corrosive technology in China with regular & hot-dip galvanizing, nano-ceramic and polyester powder coating. Leading anti-corrosive technology makes our fence and gate products long service life.

Photo 358 weld mesh fencing

358 welded mesh fencing 1 358 welded mesh fencing 2
358 welded mesh fencing 3 358 welded mesh fencing 4

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