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358 fencing


358 fencing

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358 fencing


Why we call it 358 fencing, because his hole size is :3'' x 0.5'', and 8 gauge (that is 4mm ) so 358 fence as: 76.2x12.7mm x 4mm (hole long x hole width x wire diameter )Security Fence has consisted of different kinds of fence panels (chain link fence, welded fence, Anti-climb fence or razor mesh fence) with barbed wire or/and concertina razor wire on the top. We also supply the posts (pickets), rail, bracket, and other accessories to assemble the security fence.

Specification 358 Fencing

Wire Diameter 8 gauge (4 mm)
Mesh Opening 3" x 0.5" (76.2x12.7mm)
Panel Height 1.8m, 2m, 2.4m, 3m, 4m, 5.2m
Panel Width 2 - 3m
Square Post Size 50x50mm, 60x60mm, 80x80mmm, 100x100mm
Surface Treatment Hot-dipped galvanized, Powder-coated
Surface Color Green, Blue, Grey, etc.
Packing Nude packing or in pallet

Application 358 fencing:

The system is designed to give attractive, long-lasting and secure perimeter protection for retail, industrial and commercial properties, schools, and public utilities; It is ideally suited for electronic alarm and detection systems - no blind spots for CCTV. Military, airports, secure units and prisons.


  • 1. high-security fence, the close mesh means it is virtually impossible to climb.
  • 2. The close mesh also means that the fence is tough to cut with anything but power tools.
  • 3. the 358 fencing panels are covered by a continuous heavyweight clamp bar, which offers no place for leverage to prise it off.
  • 4. The system also has no removable fixings meaning that would-be intruders cannot remove panels.
  • 5. This system has good visibility and is also aesthetically pleasing.

Packaging & Shipping 358 fencing

  • 1. Panel packing of 358 fencing:
  • 1›.it has a rubber mat at the bottom of the pallet to avoid the pallet destroying the panels.
  • 2›.it has four metal corners to keep the pallet strong.
  • 3›.it has a metal plate under the plastic bandage to reduce the pressure of fence panels.
  • A 4›.wooden plate on top can protect the fence panels avoid being crushed by other pallets.

358 fencing panels with Reinforced V fold 358 fencing 1

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