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358 security fence


358 security fence

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358 security fence is also called an anti-climb fence, which is the ultimate heavy-duty welded mesh panel providing the highest degree of security with excellent see-through visibility. 358 security fence has toe and finger proof profile. With a spacing specification of 75mm x 12.5mm, fingers and toes can't go through. Our 358 security fence is perfect as a guarded fence system because of its exclusive thickness anti-cutting materials, and its framework is robust, resistant and hard to uninstall. With our excellent anti-climb fence supply, clients can enjoy the most significant relaxation and secured protection from the inside of their own.

Factory Direct Supply High Security Anti climb 358 Fence

Factory Direct Supply High Security Anti climb 358 Fence

358 fence Panel Features

  • High-Density weld configuration provides a finger-proof, anti-climb barrier.
  • High delay factor
  • Extremely difficult to cut using conventional wire cutters
  • Excellent through visibility, due to 4.00mm* wire diameter & rectangular mesh configuration
  • Compatible with most electronic alarm and detection systems
  • 76.2mm x 12.7mm (3” x ½”) mesh aperture, wire centre to wire centre
  • Range of heights available from 1207mm to 5207mm
  • 358 fence Weld strength is a minimum of 70% of wire strength before welding
  • The solidity of 36%

358 Fence Panels Packing

1>it has a rubber mat at the bottom of the pallet to avoid the pallet destroying the panels;
2>it has 4 metal corners to keep the pallet more strong;
3>it has a metal plate under the plastic bandage to reduce the pressure of fence panels;
4>it has a wooden plate at the top of the fence panel, protecting the fence panels from being crushed by other pallets.
Fence Post:
A cap covers each fence post (save your installing time and cost of labour), then with plastic film, then metal pallet.
Fence Accessories:
Clips and screws are packed by sets, plastic film, + carton boxes.


Fence Height (m)

Panel size


Fence Post

(Height ×Size × Thick )

Clamp Bar

(Height ×Width × Thick )

Clamp No (PCS)
2.0 2007×2515mm 2700×60×60×2.5mm 2007×60×5.00mm 7 or 14
2.4 2400×2515mm 3100×60×60×2.5mm 2400×60×5.00mm 9 or 18
3.0 2997×2515mm 3800×80×80×2.5mm 2997×80×6.00mm 11 or 22
3.3 3302×2515mm 4200×80×80×2.5mm 3302×80×6.00mm 12 or 24
3.6 3607×2515mm 4500×100×60×3.0mm 3607×100×7.00mm 13 or 26
3.6 3607×2515mm 4500×100×100×3.0mm 3607×100×7.00mm 13 or 26
4.2 4204×2515mm 5200×100×100× 4.0mm 4204×100× 8.00mm 15 or 30
4.5 4496×2515mm 5500×100×100× 5.0mm 4496×100×8.00mm 16 or 32
5.2 5207×2515mm 6200×120×120×5.0mm 5207×100×8.00mm 18 or 36

358 fence Panel Finish Options

  • Standard Galvanised wire finish (typically 80-100g/m² of Zincprior to Welding / fabrication)
  • 358 fence made of Galfan wire finish (typically 275-300g/m2 of Zn/Al alloy before Welding / fabrication)
  • All 358 fence panels can be offered with triple coat anti-corrosion architectural finish consisting of Galvanised / Galfan wire + ZincPhosphate pre-treatment + 100-micron Polyester coating to give long-lasting protection against the elements.

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