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358 security fencing


358 security fencing

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358 security fencing

The anti-climb fence is also called 358 security fencing or anti-climb fence, and this system is extensively used when defendable space is paramount, used throughout the world in varying applications. The climb resistant mesh (sometimes referred to as prison mesh or 358 mesh) with its small apertures and welds at each intersection eliminates foot and finger holds, prevent objects from being passed through and is particularly effective against the use of conventional hand cutting tools.

High Security Prison Fencing 358 Security Wire Mesh Fence

Specifications of 358 security fencing

Length: 2000x2200mm
Wire diameter: 4mm
Mesh Size: 12.7x76.2mm
Surface Treatment: electro galvanized wire welded, then PVC coated
Fence Post: 60x60x2x2500mm
Surface Treatment: galvanized pipe PVC coated
Flat Bar:60x5x2000mm
Surface Treatment: Iron flat bar PVC coated
With Plastic cap and bolts and nuts

Wire Opening Height*Width Section O/A Length Total Number of Fixings
mm mm mm mm mm Inters-1 Clamp Bar Comers-2 Clamp Bar
4 12.7*76.2(3"*1/2") 2007*2515 60*60*2.5 2700 7 14
4 12.7*76.2(3"*1/2") 2004*2515 60*60*2.5 3100 9 18
4 12.7*76.2(3"*1/2") 2997*2515 80*80*2.5 3800 11 22
4 12.7*76.2(3"*1/2") 3302*2515 80*80*2.5 4200 12 24
4 12.7*76.2(3"*1/2") 3607*2515 100*60*3 4500 13 26
4 12.7*76.2(3"*1/2") 3607*2515 100*100*3 4500 13 26


  • 1.358 Security Fencing Anti-climbing - Due to the high-density mesh of the 358 guardrail, it is impossible to grasp the hands and feet, which plays excellent protection against climbing.
  • 2. Anti-shear - the wire diameter is large, the mesh is dense, making the wire cut useless.
  • 3. Beautiful appearance - the mesh surface is flat and has a higher perspective.

Packing and Shipping 358 Security Fencing

Put the meshes and post on the tray, bound well with the strap, and then packed with plastic film.

High Security Prison Fencing 358 Security Wire Mesh Fence

The Anti Climb Mesh Fence could be custom made by our factory.


  1. Bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening
  2. Sub-station Security Fencing
  3. Psychiatric hospital security fencing
  4. Prison Security Fencing
  5. Factory Machine guards
  6. Walkway security fencing
  7. Airport security fencing
  8. 358 wire mesh fence gates
  9. Shipping Port Security fencing
  10. Electrical sub-station fencing
  11. Water Treatment works
  12. Gas pipelines Security Fence
  13. High-security window grilles
  14. Balustrades Security Fence


Psychiatric hospital security fencing
Prison security fencing
Factory machine guards
Walkway security fencing
Airport security fencing
Shipping Port Security fencing
Electrical sub-station fencing
Gas pipelines security fence
358 Security Fencing for High security living area and private field fence.

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