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​Portable noise barriers


​Portable noise barriers

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Portable noise barriers designed for an economy of transportation and storage with an H 1950mm and a width of 1200mm easy to fold down and to stack in pallet and take advantage of resisting water and fire, it can be covered with many industry types of equipment outside to eliminate noise to 25dB -40dB.

  • Portable noise barriers Light-duty design is easy to install and fold up to transport stacking in pallet
  • 100% non-poisonous No irritant composite materials friendly to the environment
  • Completely waterproof
  • Excellent flexibility


Main Materials:

  1. Composite Materials
  2. Less Iron Powder and Quartz
  3. Recycled Material

Color: Available in many colors

Logo: Custom logo print available for a minimum order of 500 pieces

Covered: Tarpaulin with steel ring

Acoustic Performance:

  • Acoustic Vinyl Membrane: M2 / B1 / BS / B-s2-d0 / NFPA701
  • Acoustic Mesh Membrane: M2
  • Acoustic Core: Class 0

Testing Standards:

  1. BS EN ISO 717-1 : 1997 - Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements - Part 1: Airborne sound insulation
  2. BS EN ISO 345 : 2003 - Acoustics — Determination of sound absorption coefficient and impedance in impedance tubes — Part 2: Transfer-function method
  3. EN ISO 11654 : 1997 - Acoustics — Sound absorbers for use in buildings — Rating of sound absorption
  4. Frost Resistant BSEN 60068/2/1:2007 - Environmental testing - Part 2: Tests - Tests A: Cold
  5. BSEN 60529:1992 IPX6 - Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) - Protection against water
  6. BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010 - Acoustics — Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements — Part 2: Measurement of airborne sound insulation
  7. BS EN ISO 354:2003 - Acoustics — Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room

These portable noise barriers are made from high-quality composite materials, less iron powder and quartz, and recycled materials, ensuring durability and effectiveness in reducing noise pollution. Available in various colors and customizable with your logo for orders of 500 pieces or more. The barriers are covered in tarpaulin with a steel ring for added strength and stability. They have been tested and certified according to multiple international standards, ensuring high-quality acoustic performance and resistance to environmental factors.

Portable noise barriers 0 Portable noise barriers with temp fence panels
Portable noise barriers for sale Portable noise barriers 3

Specification of portable noise barriers

The thickness of Noise Barriers Weight of Per M2 Temporary Noise Fence
18.00mm 4.00kg/M2 20dB Noise Barrier
20.00mm 5.80kg/M2 30dB Noise Barrier
22.00mm 7.60kg/M2 40dB Noise Barrier
Temporary Noise Fence /barriers /Enclosure
Inside Materials Composite Laminated ( Iron Powder, quartz, Rubber) high tenacity polyester
Outside Materials PVC film easy to clean UV treated
Size Available customized standard 1950mm*1200mm 1830mm*1500mm etc
Temporary Acoustic barrier Eliminate Noise Rate
25dB per square meter weight 3.4kg laminated thick 1.2mm
30dB per square meter weight 4.4kg laminated thick 2.0mm
40dB per square meter weight 6.4kg laminated thick 3.0mm
Eyelets According to requirements usual 100mm per one
  • Light-duty design is easy to install and fold up to transport stacking in pallet
  • 100% non-poisonous No irritant composite materials friendly to the environment
  • Completely waterproof
  • Excellent flexibility

Portable noise barriers 4

Advantages of Portable Noise Barriers

  • Print your logo and Phone number to display your brand
  • Waterproof allows noise to go and refuse water
  • Nonflammable Fireproof
  • Noise Absrobed and Insulation
  • Light Duty Design easy to install Fencing Panels
  • 20db 30dB 40dB noise reduction optional
  • Static-free materials layer Optional
  • Lower cost than performed steel noise barriers
  • Design for a minimum 3 Outdoor years service life
  • Various colours Optional
  • Portable noise barriers are made by 100% non-poisonous friendly to environmental
  • Custom any size and any dimension Smallest MOQ just 10M2 Shipping Anywhere Door to Door
  • External layer covered with durable UV free PVC plastic less maintenance and cleaning cost durable high tenacity materials
  • Central Lightest thickness of composite Laminated just in a 1.2mm 2.00mm 3.00mm wall thickness but Acoustic absorbed 25dB/30dB/40dB base cloth is tenacity polyester cloth.
  • EPDM laminated outside wrapped with a PE membrane allow noise to absorb and keep water out
  • Designed dimension suit Australia 2100mm*2400mm Fence panels and 6ft x 12ft chain link fence panels and 6ft x 9.5ft construction fence.
  • Light-duty design easy to move as types of portable barriers and install faster 2 people just 3mins can erect barriers saving the cost of installation utmost


  • Construction Site
  • Demolition Project
  • Mining Noise Reduction
  • Event Soundproof
  • Highway Portable Noise Barrier
  • Oil Gas
  • Utilities
  • Portable noise barriers For Railway

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