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Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers


Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers

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Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers

Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers act as a physical and psychological barrier, used to "restrict "o access" zones and designate space for lines. Riot police also use them to control large gatherings. Crowd control barricades are most commonly made of steel; Barriers are most effective when they interlock, attached in a line via hooks at the side of each barricade. When barricades are interlocked, security personnel can create tight lines because such barriers lines will not likely be toppled over. These crowd control barriers offer tremendous versatility, as they complement and are ideal to combine with heavy-duty Crowd Barriers.

Their unique design means ththey'reasy to handle and are compact to store. Crowd Control Barriers lock together using a built-in clasp and hook method, which enables long rows to be easily opened on demand - should access be required.

Application Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers

The crowd control barrier is commonly used at many public events. Crowd Control Barricades are frequently visible at sporting events, parades, political rallies, demonstrations, and outdoor festivals. Event organizers, venue managers, and security personnel use barricades as part of their crowd management planning.


The outside perimeter (mainframe) is 38mm diameter galvanized steel tubing, minimum 1.4mm thickness(after coating). The outer frame is a single length of tubing without welds or deformation. A pipe is bent at right angles with a minimum of smooth deformation. Horizontal and vertical bars are at right angles to the overall frame.

  • Grill: 14 equally-spaced bars inside vertical members, made of 16mm out diameter pre-galvanized steel tubing, minimum 1.0mm(before coating),14 interior bars are 115mm apart, O.D. to O.D.
  • Locking: left and right hook interlocking system. Easy installation and make fence system more robust.
  • Finishing: we have two finishing for choice; the first is pre-galvanized and spraying paint on weld points,
  • Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers is pre-galvanized and powder coated in a different colour. Any RAL colour is available.
Overall length Overall height Weight: Frame pipe: Grill pipe Grill No. Grill space Finishing
2170mm 1100mm 17kgs± 0.5kgs 38*1.6mm 16*1.2mm 14 115mm Pre-galvanized or powder coated


Heavy Duty Crowd Control BarriersHeavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers 1

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