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Wire mesh containers

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Wire mesh containers are also called a wire cage or wire basket, which is durable and stronger; simultaneously, it is easy to fold down and stack high because wire container has remarkable strong feet and heavy-duty under-structure, which gives the ability to stack four high with heavy loads. The warehouse management is unitized and standard, with a wire container's good visibility and loading space. The collapsible wire containers can be folded down to save space when unused. Wire mesh containers are easy for forklift access from four sides. Optional accessories include dividers, shelves, cardholders, nameplates, casters, locking security lid, fork pockets, bar runners for storage on rack beams.

wire mesh containers Features

  • 1. wire mesh containers Sizes are unified, fixed capacity, storage of the goods at a glance, easy to inventory.
  • 2. Beautiful and oxidation resistance, long service life on the galvanized surface.
  • 3. Can be stacked each other four levels, the realization of three-dimensional storage.
  • 4. Surface treatment, environmental protection, health immunization, flow, storage, recovery will not pollute the environment

Specification Wire Mesh Container

Wire mesh containers steel cage mainly for storage but can also be used for transport. Wire mesh containers can be stacked up& collapsed down when not used to save space. This cage is our best seller. Wire mesh containers can be used in most industries; it is easy to operate in warehouses and workshops. This mesh cage has a standard size, which can be supplied to many customers.

Item No. Nominal Size Wire Diameter Mesh Pitch Capacity Leg Height Stackable
IWM8060A 800*600*640 3 14*14 500kg 100 4pcs
IWM1080C 1000*800*500 5 50*50 500kg 100 4pcs
IWM1080B 1000*800*840 6 50*50 1500kg 100 4pcs
IWM1080A 1000*800*840 6 50*100 1000kg 100 4pcs
IWM1280B 1200*800*840 6 50*50 1500kg 100 4pcs
IWM1280A 1200*800*840 6 50*100 1000kg 100 4pcs
IWM1210B1 1200*1000*890 6 50*50 1500kg 100 4pcs
IWM1210B2 1200*1000*890 6 50*100 1000kg 100 4pcs
IWM1210A1 1200*1000*1050 6 50*50 1500kg 100 4pcs
IWM1210A2 1200*1000*1050 6 50*100 1000kg 100 4pcs


1. Corrugated plastic sheet: 4MM, 5MM, 6MM, 8MM, 10MM
2. Wheels: Nylon, PP,
3. Forks Stirrups
4. Forks Pockets
5. Hinged Lids
6. Full Trop Gate
7. Dividers

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