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Custom Crowd Control Barriers


Custom Crowd Control Barriers

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Custom Crowd Control Barriers

Custom Crowd Control Barriers are made of heavy-duty Hot Dip galvanized steel. Powder-coated steel barricades are a great alternative to standard galvanized barrier finishes. Add a colourful powder coat finish to your steel barriers that will be in high profile areas or where you need them to stand out. Many high-end special events will use crowd control barricades with a Black Powder Coated finish in the high traffic areas of their venue.

Crowd Control Barriers Specification:

Model No Length Total Height Barrier Body Height Base Width Outer Pipe Inner Pipe
BS-SCCB-C-10 1 Meter 1090mm 1000mm 400mm Φ35*1.5mm Φ16*1.2mm
BS-SCCB-C-20 2 Meter 1090mm 1000mm 400mm Φ35*1.5mm Φ16*1.2mm
BS-SCCB-C-20E 2 Meter 1220mm 1130mm 520mm Φ32*1.5mm Φ22.5*1.2mm
BS-SCCB-C-25 2.5 Meter 1100mm 1010mm 400mm Φ35*1.5mm Φ16*1.2mm

Detailed Images:

Steel Portable Barricade Steel Pedestrian Crowd Control Fence Custom Crowd Control Barriers 1
Steel Portable Barricade Steel Pedestrian Crowd Control Fence Steel Portable Barricade Steel Pedestrian Crowd Control Fence

Crowd Control Barriers Application

  • 1) Safety and safety protection
  • 2) Traffic control and flow control
  • 3) Special events
  • 4) The concert
  • 5) Stadium/conference/conference center
  • 6) Exhibitions/carnivals/festivals

Custom Crowd Control Barriers Foot

  • 1). Crowd control barriers - bridge foot; The foot design provides maximum stability for the guardrail, making the product an ideal choice for grassy, soft or uneven surfaces. The foot of the bridge provides the best resistance and is good for blocking and diverting people. So if you have a parade, a rally or a concert, a sports event, plan and choose crowd control obstacles - the bridge is sufficient to meet your needs fully.
  • 2). Crowd control barrier with the flat-style foot; In places where special events occur or in public places, the flat-foot custom crowd control barriers is the best choice for rationally planning crowd and traffic behaviour. The flat foot design reduces the risk of pedestrians tripping. Car tyres can easily roll on the feet without damaging the roadblocks. Evenly distribute the weight on the flat foot, adding a rubber washer with two holes for each screw to be screwed to the ground.
  • 3). Custom Crowd control barrier with V type foot; The brackets make the system more stable and withstand the greater weight. The product is more convenient to move, and the package is simpler. It can be quickly combined into a solid isolation zone to form an effective flow control barrier.

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