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358 Prison Mesh Fence


358 Prison Mesh Fence

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358 Prison Mesh Fence System has been developed for applications where security and longevity are paramount concerns. The 358 prison mesh system is very durable, near-impossible to climb nor breakthrough (without cutting tools), modular, low maintenance, and blends into its environment.

Feature 358 Prison Mesh

  • 1. Anti-climbing - Due to the high-density mesh of the 358 prison mesh, it is impossible to grasp the hands and feet, which plays very good protection against climbing.
  • 2. Anti-shear - the wire diameter is large, the mesh is dense, making the wire cut useless.
  • 3. Beautiful appearance - the mesh surface is flat, and the perspective is higher.
anti-climb fence topper 358 prison mesh anti-climb fence topper
358 Prison Mesh with wall spike 358 Prison Mesh 1


358 prison mesh Fence Panels: 2515 mm wide, flat, rigid, fully-welded mesh panels, constructed from 4 mm diameter steel vertical wires, set 75 mm apart welded to 4 mm dia. steel horizontal wires set 12.5 mm apart, giving its characteristic 75 x 12.5 x 4 mm mesh configuration. In imperial measurements, the mesh is 3-inch x 0.5-inch x 8 gauge, hence its name “358 fence”’.

Height Wire diameter Mesh size No. fixings Post size Post spacing
1270mm 4.0mm 76.2×12.7mm 5 60×60×2mm 2440mm
1500mm 4.0mm 76.2×12.7mm 5 60×60×2mm 2440mm
1800mm 4.0mm 76.2×12.7mm 6 60×60×2mm 2440mm
2000mm 4.0mm 76.2×12.7mm 6 60×60×2mm 2440mm
2135mm 4.0mm 76.2×12.7mm 8 60×60×2mm 2440mm
2440mm 4.0mm 76.2×12.7mm 9 60×60×2mm 2440mm
3000mm 4.0mm 76.2x12.7mm 11 60×60×2mm 2440mm

358 Prison Mesh Package

  • One> There is a piece of plastic film(with small bubbles), which can protect the first piece of panel destroyed by the metal pallet;
  • 2> The panels are put one up, one down. And there is a piece of plastic film during each two panels
  • Three> A metal corner is fixed at each corner of the panels, which can keep the panels stay together and immovable;
  • 4> Metal Gaskets will protect the edges. The panels' plywood panels can protect the 358 prison mesh panels destroyed by the pallet above.

Technical Information

>An adhesion coating is applied to allow perfect adhesion with the polyester coating (min. 100 microns). >>Posts are polyester coated with a galvanized substrate following Euro norm 10147. >>Weld strength is 75% of the minimum tensile strength of the wire (tensile range 540-690 N/m²). >>this system combines an anti-climb and anti-cut fence with excellent visibility and resistance to vandalism. >> Extra-length 358 prison fence panels can be supplied for burying 300mm below ground to prevent burrowing.

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