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358 Anti Climb Mesh


358 Anti Climb Mesh

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The 358 anti-climb mesh is also called a high-security wire fence/ prison fence/anti-cut anti-climb fence, which provides high standard security for the uses. An intruder cannot climb or easily cut it due to the mesh size. What's more, profiled panel and panel with additional wire can make it more unbreakable, and different post options are available for you to choose from.


358 anti-climb mesh can use pre-hot dipped galvanized wire or tube fabricate after several clear procedures. We use famous international powder (AkzoNobel)sprayed. In that case, it can strongly resist corrosive and ultraviolet radiation. Double coating layer high-quality anti-corrupt. The longevity will be ten years long. Hot dipped galvanized after fabricated; The Zn can be 500----60g/m2. Longevity will be got more than 15 years.

358 Anti Climb Mesh Specification

358 anti-climb mesh comprises the quadrate post or circular post and high strength welded wire fence; Welded wire fence uses the high-quality steel wire to weld. Dia 3.0----4.0mm, Mesh size designed as 12.7*76.2mm; Welded point have high tensile strength. And better planeness. The surface has a strong erosion resistance and anti-ultraviolet; connected by a flat screw bar; the installation is straightforward and convenient.

  • Post using an international standard tube as material (60×60×2.0mm, 75×75×3.0mm,80×80×3.0mm,100×100×3.0mm or Dia 60×2.0,89×3.0mm )
  • Fixings: steel brackets or flat bar, Self-break bolts adopting Stainless or Hot dipped galvanized.
Fence height(mm) Fence width(mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Mesh size (mm) Square Post Section(mm) Circular Post(mm) Post Height (mm)
1220 2500 3.0 76.2×12.7 60×60 ×2.0 60×2.0 1600
1500 2500 3.0 76.2×12.7 60×60 ×2.0 60×2.0 1900
1800 2500 3.0 76.2×12.7 75×75 ×2.0 75×2.0 2200
2100 2500 4.0 76.2×12.7 80×80 ×2.0 89×2.0 2600
2400 2200 4.0 76.2×12.7 80×80 ×2.0 89×3.0 3000
3000 2200 4.0 76.2×12.7 100×100×3.0 89×3.0 3600


358 high-security fence using high-quality, low carbon steel wire and welded by a computer-controlled machine.

• High-security level
•Expensive compared to another type of fence
•Difficult to move

358 fence panels

Standard mesh panel- 2D

high security no climb 358 steel fence
high security no climb 358 steel fence

3D 358 anti-climb mesh panel

high security no climb 358 steel fence

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