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358 security mesh fencing


358 security mesh fencing

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358 security mesh fencing ( 3"×0.5"×8 guage) also known as"prison mesh" or anti-climb fence, is a special fencing panel we can make in our city, this production offers the best value for performance, durability and appearance, "358" comes from its measurements 3" x 0.5" x 8 gauge which equates to approx.76.2mm x 12.7mm x 4mm in metric.

Technical Information

Weld strength of this kind of security mesh fencing is a minimum of 75% to steel strength guaranteed on every weld and a Tensile of the wire:600-750N/m2 with a welded strength:60%-80% Surface treatment:

Wire and Tubes Surface Treated Types

Security mesh fencing Zinc Class A (min. 275g/m²) or Class C (min. 110g/ m²) - coated - PVC Coating Optional. Heavy galvanized wire Class A (min. 275g/m²) or Lightly Galvanised wire Class B (min. 135g/m²) - coated - PVC Coating Optional.


Advantages :

Security 358 mesh fencing aperture is 72.2mm horizontal x 8.7mm vertical and makes 358 security fencing extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools, thus providing a high delay factor. Despite the high degree of security, the visual impact of a 358 fence on the environment remains very discreet. It is specifically configured to give maximum visibility (important for transparent camera surveillance and identifying intruders.)



358 security mesh fencing is a professional structure designed for high-security environments, combined with a steel framework, coated with heavy zinc or RAL color powder coating.

Panels post
Fence Panel Size Post Size Post Height Total Number of Fixings
Height Height/Width Length/Width/Thickness   Inters- 1 clamp Corners-2 clamp
m mm mm mm    
2.0 2007 x 2515 60x60x2.5mm 2700 7 14
2.4 2400 x 2515 60x60x2.5mm 3100 9 18
3.0 2400 x 2515 80x80x2.5mm 3800 11 22
3.3 2997 x 2515 80x80x2.5mm 4200 12 24
3.6 3302 x 2515 100x60x3mm 4500 13 26
3.6 3607 x 2515 100x100x3mm 4500 13 26
4.2 4204 x 2515 100x100x4mm 5200 15 30
4.5 4496 x 2515 100x100x5mm 5500 16 32
5.2 5207 x 2515 120x120x5mm 6200 18 36

Feature security mesh fencing

Anti-Cut and Anti Climb
4mm diameter Prison mesh PVC coated 358 no climb fence panels4mm diameter Prison mesh PVC coated 358 no climb fence panels4mm diameter Prison mesh PVC coated 358 no climb fence panels
358 security mesh fencing 3358 security mesh fencing 4358 security mesh fencing 5

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