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358 Mesh Fencing


358 Mesh Fencing

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358 Mesh Fencing is one security fence that is extremely difficult to penetrate because the small mesh aperture is effectively finger proof and extremely difficult to attack with traditional hand tools.


ANTI-CLIMB: More small openings, no toe or finger holds.
ANTI-CUT: 358 mesh fencing with robust wire and welded joints makes cutting very difficult.
BETTER VISIBILITY: the flat, two-dimensional profile is easier to see through than the chain link.

Qucik Information

  • 358 security fence named from its size 3'' × 0.5'',8Ga(BWG)=4mm.
  • So the size is 76.2mm × 12.7mm ×4mm(mesh length × height × dia.)
  • 358 security mesh fencing is firm, not easy though, hard to cut and climb.
  • It is famous as one of the most secure fences, named security fence or high strength fence.
  • 358 fence can also adopt the bending form, improving the appearance.

Standard 358 Mesh Fencing

  • Posts are galvanized to BS EN 1461 as standard
  • Panels are Galfan zinc alloy coated as standard
  • Posts and panels powder coated to BS EN 13438 in one of our standard colors at extra cost
  • Powder coating of panels and posts to any other (nonstandard) BS or RAL color to special.

Dimensions 358 mesh fencing

Height Width Mesh Centres Post Sizes
1.27m 2.515m 76.2 x 12.6 x 4mm 80 x 60mm
2.134m 2.515m 76.2 x 12.6 x 4mm 80 x 60mm
2.44m 2.515m 76.2 x 12.6 x 4mm 80 x 60mm
3.0m 2.515m 76.2 x 12.6 x 4mm 80 x 60mm
4.2m 2.515m 76.2 x 12.6 x 4mm 80 x 60mm with spur
5.2m 2.515m 76.2 x 12.6 x 4mm 80 x 60mm with spur
Wire specifications:
WIRE USED (MM) 4.00mm Lifemax(TM) XL Medium Wire
WIRE COATING MASS (MM)* Zinc Aluminium coating to AS/NZS4534-2006 Class W10DZ - 260g/m2


Packing of 358 mesh fencing

Packaging Details: Steel or wood pallet, in bulk, or according to your request.
Delivery Detail: Normally, within 15 days after your payment
358 fence pack
  • Anti-climb fence: mesh firm, not enough to put in a finger or toe
  • Anti-cut: high strength wire and dense mesh makes the cutting tool is difficult to cut
  • High strength: welding process makes the solder joint
358 fence
  • The bridge 358 anti-climb mesh fencing
  • Psychiatric hospital security fence
  • Prison safety fence
  • Factory machinery protection
  • Pedestrian safety fence
  • The airport security fence
  • Shipping port-security fence
  • High-end residential security fence
358 fence application

358 mesh fencing Application

358 mesh fencing comes with Excellent see-through anti-climb fencing very suitable for commercial, governmental and industrial properties. You can enjoy the ultimate security without compromising the visibility of customers and others. And it is also suitable for premium housing estate development, apartments and condominium surroundings, schools, business parks, warehouses, power plants, military sites, educational facilities, hospitals and residential areas.
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