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Heras M500 Mobile Fence


Heras M500 Mobile Fence

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Title: Heras M500 Mobile Fence: The Best Choice for Temporary Security

The Heras M500 Anti-Climb mobile fence is a top-quality, easy-to-use temporary fencing option, perfect for events and construction sites. It's been a popular choice since its launch in 1998 and is available for rent due to its safety and durability features.


Heras created the M500 Anti-Climb mobile fence in 1998 to offer a safe and strong barrier for different sites. It's well-known for its quality, unique design, sturdiness, and anti-climb properties, making it essential for securing various areas.

Specifications Heras M500 Mobile Fence:

Specification Measurement Dimension 3500 x 2000 mm Mesh Width 35 x 150 mm Wire Thickness 4 x 3 mm Tube Diameter 30 x 42 mm

Rubber Block Feet Specifications: Attribute Measurement/Description Material 100% Recycled Plastic and Rubber Length 780 mm Width 200 mm Height 125 mm Weight 18 kg Color Black, Red, Orange, etc.


  1. Long-lasting: The M500 fence is strongly built with welded sides and reinforced corners, ensuring it lasts for a long time.
  2. Hard to climb: With 12 horizontal and 81 vertical wires, the M500 fence makes climbing difficult, keeping your site secure.
  3. Safe and strong: The tight mesh and welded corners offer extra safety and strength, reducing accidents and theft risks.
  4. Easy to set up: The pre-galvanized fencing is safe to touch, and one person can quickly assemble it.


  1. Event safety: The M500 fence is perfect for securing concerts, festivals, and sports events, creating a secure space for guests.
  2. Construction security: With its strong design and anti-climb features, the M500 fence is ideal for protecting construction sites and valuable materials.
  3. Crowd management: The M500 fence helps control crowds in public spaces like parks, exhibitions, and protests.

Extra Options:

The M500 fence comes with additional options, such as an extra vertical tube for more stability and a 2.45-meter high version with a modified mesh design. You can also add custom signs visible on both sides of the fence.

Why Pick the Heras M500 Mobile Fence?

The Heras M500 Anti-Climb mobile fence offers a secure, durable, and easy-to-install fencing solution. Its versatile design and customization options make it suitable for many applications, providing top-level safety and protection.

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