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Heras Mobile Fence Round Top


Heras Mobile Fence Round Top

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The Heras Mobile Fence Round Top is designed with rounded corners at the top, providing a friendly-looking and durable temporary fencing option for various applications. Its unique rounded top corners eliminate the need for welds, ensuring the frame remains intact and functional. In this article, we will discuss the specifications, advantages, and applications of the fence

Specifications Heras Mobile Fence Round Top

Feature Specification
Art. C4600000
Height 1960 mm
Width 3500 mm
Mesh Opening Height 250 mm
Mesh Opening Width 100 mm
Package Quantity 60
Weight 13.5 kg
Wire Thickness 3 x 2.5 mm
Tube Diameter 30 x 38 mm


  1. Attractively Priced: The Heras Mobile Fence is designed as an affordable temporary fencing solution.
  2. Rounded Tops: The unique rounded top corners prevent frame breakage and maintain the fence's functionality.
  3. Lightweight: The fence is easy to handle and transport, making it an ideal choice for various applications.
  4. Safe for Hands: The pre-galvanized mesh has no sharp zinc residues, ensuring the fencing is safe to handle during installation and removal.


The  Round Top Fence is suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  1. Construction Sites: Secure construction sites and protect workers, equipment, and materials with the durable and easy-to-install Round Top fencing.
  2. Events: Manage crowds and ensure safety at events such as festivals, concerts, or outdoor exhibitions with the user-friendly and sturdy Heras Mobile Fence Round Top.
  3. Residential Projects: Safeguard private properties during renovations or landscaping work with the lightweight and easy-to-handle fencing.
  4. Temporary Barriers: Create temporary barriers in areas where permanent solutions are not required, such as parking lots, recreational areas, or pedestrian walkways.


The Heras Mobile Fence Round Top offers a durable and user-friendly temporary fencing solution for various applications. Its unique rounded top corners, lightweight design, and safe materials make it an ideal choice for construction sites, events, residential projects, and more. Choose the Heras Mobile Fence Round Top for an affordable, functional, and easy-to-install fencing solution.

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