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Heras M550 Mobile Fence A High-Security Temp Fence Solution


Heras M550 Mobile Fence A High-Security Temp Fence Solution

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Title: Discover the Heras M550 Mobile Fence: A User-Friendly High-Security Temporary Fencing Solution

Are you looking for Heras M550 Mobile Fence that offers high security and is easy to use? The Heras M550 Mobile Fence is the answer. This high-security, anti-climb fencing option is perfect for a variety of settings, ensuring the safety and protection you need.

Outstanding Features and Specifications

The M550 Mobile Fence comes with an array of excellent features and specifications, such as:

  • Dimensions: 3500 x 2450 mm
  • Mesh width: 35 x 150 mm
  • Wire Thickness: 4 x 3 mm
  • Tube Diameter: 30 x 42 mm
  • Additional Tube Diameter (Horizontal): 30 mm
  • Durable hand-welded, hot-dipped galvanized construction
  • Anti-climb mesh for added security
  • Horizontal center tube for increased strength and stability
  • Option to add barbed wire for extra protection

Why Choose the M550 Mobile Fence?

  1. Long-lasting and Weather-resistant: The hand-welded, hot-dipped galvanized construction ensures the M550 Mobile Fence lasts a long time and resists corrosion in various environments.

  2. Security-Focused Design: The fence's fine mesh panel is designed to prevent unauthorized entry, making it an ideal choice for high-security locations.

  3. Enhanced Stability: The horizontal center tube adds strength and stability to the fence, ensuring it stays secure and sturdy.

  4. Customizable Security: You can increase the security of the M550 Mobile Fence by adding barbed wire when needed.

  5. Easy to Install: The fence is designed for effortless installation and can be set up by a small team quickly, making it a practical solution for temporary security requirements.

Versatile Applications for Your Needs

The M550 Mobile Fence is suitable for various applications, including:

  • Airports: Secure restricted areas, like runways and safety zones, with a reliable and sturdy barrier.
  • Construction Sites: Protect construction sites from unauthorized access, ensuring safety and guarding valuable equipment.
  • High-Security Events: Create a safe perimeter for high-profile events, concerts, or conferences where crowd control and safety are crucial.
  • Utility Infrastructure Protection: Safeguard utility infrastructure, such as power stations and water treatment plants, from potential threats or unauthorized access.
  • Restricted Access Areas: Establish secure boundaries around hazardous or sensitive areas requiring limited access.

Convenient Packing Details

The M550 Mobile Fence comes in handy packages, featuring:

  • Package quantity: 64
  • Weight per unit: 41 kg

In Conclusion

The Heras M550 Mobile Fence is a versatile and high-security temporary fencing solution designed to cater to various applications. Its fine anti-climb mesh, hand-welded construction, and additional horizontal support make it a reliable and robust choice for any high-risk location requiring temporary yet effective barriers. With easy installation and customizable security features, the M550 Mobile Fence is the perfect option for those seeking a dependable and user-friendly temporary fencing solution.

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