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Heras M100 Mobile Fence


Heras M100 Mobile Fence

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The Heras M100 Mobile Fence is an innovative and multi-functional temporary fencing solution that combines the characteristics and looks of a mobile fence with the ease and convenience of a crowd barrier. In this article, we will discuss the advantages, applications, and specifications of the M100 Mobile Fence.

Advantages of Heras M100 Mobile Fence:

  1. Smooth top design: The M100 Mobile Fence features a smooth top, ensuring there are no sharp points that could potentially cause injuries.

  2. Multi-purpose: This low temporary fencing can be used in various ways, such as guiding traffic, fall protection, or as a screen on the roadside.

  3. Self-locking: The M100 Mobile Fence is designed with a self-locking feature for easy installation and removal.

  4. Compatibility: The M100 Mobile Fence can be used in combination with a special connection piece to create a total height of 3.2 meters.

Applications of Heras M100 Mobile Fence:

  1. Traffic management: The M100 Mobile Fence can be used to separate bicycle and pedestrian routes from other traffic, ensuring safety and orderliness.

  2. Fall protection: On active construction sites, the M100 Mobile Fence can be used as a fall protection barrier to prevent accidents.

  3. Roadside screening: The M100 Mobile Fence can be attached to road barriers to create a safe barrier between traffic and employees, as well as preventing dirt and dust from reaching public roads.

  4. Swimming pools and meadows: The M100 Mobile Fence can be used as a temporary security solution around swimming pools and meadows to keep children and pets safe.

Specifications of Heras M100 Mobile Fence:

Specification Value
Height (mm) 1200
Width (mm) 3500
Horizontal Tube Diameter (mm) 30
Horizontal Tube Wall Thickness 1.25
Horizontal Wire Number 3
Horizontal Wire Thickness (mm) 3
Mesh Opening Height (mm) 250
Mesh Opening Width (mm) 100
Package Quantity 68
Vertical Tube Diameter (mm) 42
Vertical Tube Wall Thickness (mm) 1.25
Vertical Wire Number 33
Vertical Wire Thickness (mm) 3
Weight (Kg) 11.5


the Heras M100 Mobile Fence is an ideal temporary fencing solution for various applications, such as traffic management and temporary security. With its multi-purpose design, smooth top, and easy installation, the M100 Mobile Fence is a valuable asset for a wide range of scenarios.

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