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Anti Climb Security Fence


Anti Climb Security Fence

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Anti Climb Security Fence

The Anti Climb Security Fence is also called 358 fences ( 3"×0.5"×8 gauge,e), also known as"prison mesh" or anti-climb fence, is a special fencing pan l, we can make in our city, this production offers the best value for performance, durability and appearance, "358" comes from its measurements 3" x 0.5" x 8 gauge which equates to approx.76.2mm x 12.7mm x 4mm in metric.High-Security Wire Fence, also known as Prison Fence, “Prison Mesh” or “358 security fence”, is a special fencing panel. “358” comes from its measurements 3”*0.5”*8 gauge, which is approx. 76.2mm*12.7mm*4mm in metric. It is a professional structure combined with a steel framework coated with zinc or RAL color power.

Applications The Anti Climb Security Fence:

The Anti Climb Security Fence; Sub-station security, hospital security fencing, factory machine guards; Walkway security fencing; Airport security fencing; 358 wire mesh fence gates; shipping port security, etc.
Bridge anti-climb guarding&guard safety screening;
Sub-station security fencing;
Psychiatric hospital security fencing;
Factory machine guards;
Walkway security fencing;
Airport security fencing;
358 wire mesh fence gates;
Shipping port-security fencing;
Electrical sub-station fencing;
Water treatment works;
Gas security window grilles;
Balustrades security fence, as well as some other commercial/industrial security fence, uses


Anti Climb Security Fence Panels

Prison fence / airport fence panel specification
Panel size Wire dia Mesh size Surface treatment Folds ( or no folds
(height) as your request)
1.03m 3mm-6mm   Electro GI+PVC coated 2
1.23m 50x50mm, 50x75mm Electro GI+ painting(Spraying) 2
1.5m 50x100mm Hot-dipped GI only 2 or 3
1.53m 50x150mm Hot-dipped GI +PVC coated or painting 2 or 3
1.7m 50x200mm   3
1.73m 55x100mm   3
1.8m 75x200mm   3 or 4
1.93m 60x150mm   3 or 4
2.0m Or as your request   4
2.03m     4
2.4m     4

Fence Post

Specification of Fence Post
Post Style Post Size Post height
Rectangle Post 40 x 60 x 1.5mm 1.6m
40 x 60x 2mm 1.8m
60 x 80 x 2mm 2m
Square Post 40 x 40 x 1.5mm 2.1m
60 x 60 x 2mm 2.3m
80 x 80 x 2.5mm 2.5m
100 x 100 x 3mm 2.8m
Peach post 50 x 70mm 3.0m
70 x 100mm 3.5m
Round post Φ38 x 1.5mm 4.0m
Φ42 x 2mm 4.5m
Φ48 x 2mm  
Φ60 x 2.5mm  

Concertina Wire & Spike 
With crime on the rise we can provide you with affordable alternatives increasing your current security and protecting your family
Technical Information


*The panels are 2515mm wide & heights range from 1200 mm to 3000mm *Mesh sizes are 76.2 x 12.7mm & manufactured from 4mm wires *Weld strength 75% of the minimum tensile strength of the wire *Toe & fingerproof mesh aperture *An anticlimb & anticut fence with excellent through visibility and resistance to vandalism


*Panels are manufactured from pre-galvanised wires
*An adhesion coating is applied to allow perfect adhesion with the polyester
*coating Posts are polyester coated with a galvanized substrate


Supplied in Green RAL6005 and Black RAL9005 as standard but other colours are available on request

Mesh sizes and tolerances

*Distance between the centres of horizontal wires (cross wires): 12.7 ± 1 mm *Variations in mesh dimensions shall be maximum ± 1.5 mm per 1 meter length. *Distance between cross wire centres over 5.8 m length (max. cumulatedtolerance: ± 6mm) *Distance between the centres of vertical wires (line wires): 76.2 ± 2 mm *The variations in the mesh dimensions shall be not more than ± 3 mm over total width of panel 

Packing The Anti Climb Security Fence

1.)Packing with Plastic Film and metal packing metal belt.
2.)Packing with carton; wooden case; pallet.
3.)According to customers' requirements.


Low carbon iron wire;
Galvanized wire ;
1>Hot Dipped Galvanized
2>Galvanized then Electrostatic polyester powder coated

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