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CityFence M850


CityFence M850

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The CityFence M850 presents a versatile and secure fencing solution for construction sites and urban areas. With two appealing options, the M850 can be customized to meet your specific needs while providing an attractive and secure boundary.

M850 Steel CityFence: This 1-meter high fence features a steel plate with a corrugated profile, making it ideal for traffic guidance, separation, and safety. The corrugated design not only enhances the fence's strength but also deters graffiti and prevents bikes from being attached. The steel CityFence contributes to a neater and more attractive streetscape, promoting a positive company image and employee motivation.

CityFence M850 City-Wood Fence: The City-Wood 1-meter fence consists of a robust Douglas wood panel, perfect for traffic guidance, separation, and safety. The natural appearance of the wooden fence provides a calm and pleasant atmosphere for residents and passers-by. The wooden panel is produced by people reintegrating into the labor market, making it a sustainable and socially responsible fencing solution.


Steel CityFence (Art.: C2051000) Height: 1010 mm Width: 2160 mm Package quantity: 28 Weight: 12 kg

City-Wood Fence (Art.: C2063000) Height: 1010 mm Width: 2160 mm Package quantity: 28 Weight: 25 kg 


  1. Construction sites: CityFence M850 provides an excellent barrier for construction sites, ensuring safety and preventing unauthorized access. It also helps to minimize noise and dust pollution for nearby residents.

  2. Public works projects: For public works projects such as road construction or infrastructure upgrades, CityFence M850 offers a secure and visually appealing barrier, guiding pedestrians and vehicles while maintaining safety.

  3. Urban development: CityFence M850 is an ideal choice for urban development projects, creating a neat and organized appearance while protecting the site from vandalism and trespassing.

  4. Traffic guidance and separation: The M850 fencing solution effectively directs traffic flow around construction zones or other areas requiring temporary traffic control, minimizing confusion and promoting safety.


  1. Neat and visually appealing design: CityFence M850 offers a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance, enhancing the surrounding environment while providing a secure boundary.

  2. Two attractive options: Steel CityFence and City-Wood Fence: Choose between the steel CityFence with its corrugated profile or the eco-friendly City-Wood fence made from Douglas wood panels, each offering a unique look and benefits to suit your specific needs.

  3. Ideal for traffic guidance, separation, and safety: CityFence M850 is perfect for directing traffic, separating different areas, and ensuring safety on construction sites or public works projects.

  4. Customizable to match company or municipal colors: Personalize the M850 fencing solution with your company or municipal colors to create a cohesive and professional appearance.

  5. Sustainable and socially responsible option with City-Wood Fence: The City-Wood fence is made from renewable resources and produced by people reintegrating into the labor market, making it a sustainable and socially responsible choice for your fencing needs.


In conclusion, the CityFence M850 offers a versatile and stylish fencing solution for various applications. With two attractive options, the M850 caters to a range of needs, while providing an appealing and secure environment. Enhance your construction site or urban project with the CityFence M850 for a safe and visually appealing boundary.

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