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Heras M500 Sliding Gate


Heras M500 Sliding Gate

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The Heras M500 Sliding Gate is a versatile and reliable access control solution that provides optimal flexibility and safety for your building site. Its high-quality aluminum construction ensures smooth operation, low maintenance, and anti-climb features. Delivered pre-assembled on an industrial floor slab, the gate can be operated manually or electrically, including remote operation.


Specification Value
Dimension 8640 x 2000 x 200 mm
Mesh width 50 x 200 mm
Weight 783 Kg
Certification CE, EN
Clear width 7,000 mm
Height 2,000 mm
Frame color Blank aluminum
Mesh panel color RAL 9006 (grey)
Striping color RAL 5016 (blue)


  1. Maintenance-free: The high-quality aluminum construction ensures a smooth and maintenance-free operation.
  2. Quick assembly: The M500 sliding gate is delivered pre-assembled, making installation quick and easy.
  3. Personal safety facilities: The gate complies with the European EN 13241.01 standard for safety.
  4. Anti-climb features: The extra-narrow mesh width and serrated strip provide climb-over protection.
  5. Remote operation: The gate can be opened and closed by remote control for added convenience.


  1. Construction sites: The M500 sliding gate is the perfect access control solution for building sites, providing a single entrance and exit point for employees, visitors, and suppliers.
  2. Industrial facilities: Secure and manage access to industrial facilities with the Heras sliding gate, ensuring a safe environment for workers and visitors.
  3. Commercial properties: Improve security and control access to commercial properties with the M500 sliding gate.

Materials Features:

  1. High-quality aluminum: The Heras sliding gate is constructed from high-quality aluminum, ensuring smooth operation and low maintenance.
  2. Welded mesh panel: The welded mesh panel has a protective coating, providing durability and climb-over protection.
  3. Rounded corners: The gate features safe, rounded corners to reduce the risk of injury.
  4. RAL color options: Customize the gate with RAL 9006 (grey) mesh panel coating and RAL 5016 (blue) striping to match your company or project colors.

In conclusion, the Heras M500 Sliding Gate offers an ideal access control solution for building sites, industrial facilities, and commercial properties. With its maintenance-free design, quick assembly, and personal safety features, the M500 sliding gate is a secure and efficient choice for managing access to your site.

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