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M90 Pedestrian Gate


M90 Pedestrian Gate

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The M90 Pedestrian Gate is a highly versatile and user-friendly access solution for temporary fencing, ensuring clear and secure access for people at various locations. With its smooth operation, easy installation, and durable construction, the Pedestrian Gate provides an efficient and smart solution for managing access at construction sites, event areas, and other temporary setups.


Specification Value
Art. P0600
Height 2000 mm
Width 1180 mm
Mesh Opening Height 300 mm
Mesh Opening Width 75 mm
Package Quantity 25
Weight 13 kg
Dimension 1180 x 2000 mm
Mesh Width 75 x 300 mm
Wire Thickness 4 x 4 mm
Tube Diameter 30 x 42 mm


  1. Access for people: The M90 Pedestrian Gate ensures convenient and secure access for individuals at various locations.
  2. User-friendly operation: The separately available hinge allows for smooth gate operation, making it easy to use.
  3. Smart design: The shortened tube on one side enables the gate to turn over the footing without the need for a wheel, allowing for easy integration into the fence line.
  4. Durable construction: Handmade with a zinc layer applied, the M90 Pedestrian Gate has an increased lifespan.


  1. Versatile installation: The  Pedestrian Gate can be installed at any location, providing a flexible access solution for various temporary setups.
  2. Emergency gate option: The temporary fencing gate can be equipped with an escape plate and lock for added safety, creating an accessible escape route in case of emergencies.


  1. Construction sites: The Pedestrian Gate is perfect for construction sites, offering clear and secure access for workers and visitors.
  2. Event areas: The M90 Pedestrian Gate provides a convenient and efficient access solution for event areas, ensuring smooth movement of attendees.
  3. Emergency gates: The M90 Pedestrian Gate can be used as an emergency gate when equipped with an escape plate and lock, offering an accessible escape route when needed.

In conclusion, the M90 Pedestrian Gate 1.2 Meter is a versatile and user-friendly access solution for temporary fencing, providing clear and secure access for people in various applications. With its easy installation, smooth operation, and durable construction, the M90 Pedestrian Gate is a smart choice for managing access at your site.

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