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42/42 Security Coupler


42/42 Security Coupler

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 The 42/42 Security Coupler is a versatile and reliable solution for connecting temporary fencing, providing exceptional site demarcation and security. This innovative coupler offers a wide range of benefits and is suitable for various applications. In this article, we'll discuss the specifications, advantages, and applications of the 42/42 Security Coupler, as well as the packaging and pricing details.




42/42 Security Coupler

SKU E0102
Brand BM
Accessory Purpose Linking
Dimensions (Depth) 3 mm
Dimensions (Height) 55 mm
Dimensions (Width) 130 mm
High Security False
Package Quantity 25
Weight  0.45 Kg
MOQ 500 kits
Price Range $0.68 to $1.25 per kit


  1. Easy installation: The 42/42 Security Coupler is designed for quick and easy assembly, ensuring fast and efficient site demarcation.
  2. Versatility: The coupler is suitable for both standard and semi-permanent fencing setups, providing flexibility for various site requirements.
  3. Enhanced security: While the standard Heras fence clip offers basic security, the Security Coupler is available in a high-security version, which can only be opened with a special socket key.
  4. Wide compatibility: The clamping plates are compatible with 42 mm round tubes and 60 mm diameter pipes, making the coupler suitable for a variety of fencing systems.


  1. Construction sites: The 42/42 Security Coupler is ideal for securing temporary fencing around construction sites, ensuring the safety of workers and equipment.
  2. Outdoor events: This coupler can be used for temporary fencing at festivals, concerts, or other large-scale outdoor events, providing secure boundaries and crowd control.
  3. Industrial facilities: The coupler is suitable for demarcating restricted areas and ensuring the safety of personnel and machinery in industrial settings.

Packaging and Pricing:

The 42/42 Security Couplers are packaged in paper cartons, with each carton containing 25 couplers. The minimum order quantity is 500 kits. The price per kit ranges from $0.68 to $1.25, depending on the quantity and specifications.


The 42/42 Security Coupler is a durable, versatile, and secure solution for connecting temporary fencing. With its ease of installation, wide compatibility, and enhanced security features, it is an ideal choice for various applications, from construction sites to outdoor events. Consider investing in the 42/42 Security Coupler for your next project to ensure optimal site demarcation and security.

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