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42/60 High Security Coupler


42/60 High Security Coupler

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The 42/60 High Security Coupler, a state-of-the-art product developed by Heras, offers an unparalleled solution for semi-permanent fencing installations. This innovative coupler provides enhanced security and versatility, allowing for seamless attachment of temporary fencing to posts while creating a fast, safe gate solution. In this article, we will delve into the specifications, advantages, and applications of the High Security Coupler, as well as its pricing details.


Feature Description
SKU E0106
Brand Heras
Accessory Purpose Linking
Dimensions (Depth) 3 mm
Dimensions (Height) 55 mm
Dimensions (Width) 150 mm
Package Quantity 15
Weight 0.91 Kg
Price Range $1.2 to $3.8 per kit


  1. Enhanced Security: The 42/60 High Security Coupler boasts nut protection, while a high collar deters attempts to loosen the clip using standard tools. It can only be assembled or disassembled with a custom-designed socket key.
  2. Space-Saving Design: The coupler's compact and efficient design makes it the perfect choice for semi-permanent fencing installations.
  3. Fast Gate Solution: This coupler allows for the creation of a swing gate using two temporary fencing components, offering a rapid and secure access point.
  4. Easy Assembly: The High Security Coupler's hinge ring and main body are welded together for effortless and efficient assembly.


  • Construction Sites: The 42/60 High Security Coupler is the ideal solution for securing semi-permanent fencing around construction sites, ensuring the safety of workers and equipment.
  • Industrial Facilities: Utilize this coupler to establish secure boundaries around restricted areas within industrial environments, safeguarding both personnel and machinery.
  • Outdoor Events: For festivals, concerts, or other large-scale outdoor events, the High Security Coupler delivers a secure and versatile fencing solution.


The 42/60 High Security Coupler is competitively priced between $1.2 and $3.8 per kit, with final costs contingent upon quantity and specific requirements.


The 42/60 High Security Coupler by Heras provides a reliable and secure solution for semi-permanent fencing setups. With its superior security features, space-saving design, and fast gate solution, it is a valuable addition to any project that necessitates temporary fencing. Consider investing in the 42/60 High Security Coupler to guarantee optimal security for your site.

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