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Heras Anti-Lift System


Heras Anti-Lift System

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Site security is crucial to prevent unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism. The Heras Anti-Lift System offers a low-cost solution to enhance the security of your temporary fencing, deterring unwanted visitors while maintaining a safe and professional appearance.

Key Advantages:

  • Prevents unauthorized openings in the fence line
  • Universally compatible design
  • Safe and secure appearance
  • Affordable deterrent for unwanted visitors
  • Easy installation and long service life


Feature Specification
SKU E0601
Brand Heras
Accessory Use Safety
Dimensions (Depth) 155 mm
Dimensions (Height) 290 mm
Package Quantity 50
Weight 0.5 kg

Features and Applications:

  1. Enhanced Security: The Heras Anti-Lift System prevents the temporary fencing from being lifted out of its footing, ensuring the fence line remains closed off. When combined with a High Security Heras fence clip, which can only be opened with a special socket key, the system offers exceptional security against unwanted access.

  2. Universal Compatibility: The Anti-Lift System is designed for universal use, with a variant available for footings without an extra hole. This flexibility allows for seamless integration with your existing temporary fencing.

  3. Easy Installation: The Heras Anti-Lift System features a simple, effective construction that ensures a long service life. Installation is quick and hassle-free, requiring minimal effort to improve your site security.

  4. Cost-Effective Deterrent: As a low-cost solution, the Anti-Lift System provides a significant deterrent effect to potential trespassers, making it an excellent choice for site managers looking to improve security on a budget.

  5. Wide Range of Applications: The Anti-Lift System is suitable for various types of sites, including construction sites, event venues, and commercial properties. Its versatility makes it an invaluable addition to your temporary fencing.

In conclusion, the Heras Anti-Lift System is an affordable and effective way to enhance the security of your temporary fencing. With its universal compatibility, easy installation, and wide range of applications, it offers a low-investment solution with a great impact on your site's safety and security.

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