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Heras Recycled Rubber Foot A Sustainable Solution


Heras Recycled Rubber Foot A Sustainable Solution

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In the world of temporary fencing, stability and ease of use are crucial. The Heras Recycled Rubber Foot provides an eco-friendly and lightweight foundation for temporary fencing, while offering excellent quality and durability. Discover how this innovative product can enhance your temporary fencing experience, and learn how it can be combined with the Heras Anti-Lift System for added security.

Key Advantages Heras Recycled Rubber Foot:

  • Easily stackable design

  • Forklift cut-outs for simple loading and unloading

  • Lightweight and easy to handle

  • Made from indestructible, recyclable materials

  • Enhanced durability and stability


 Feature Heras Recycled Rubber Foot  Specification
SKU D0203
Brand Heras
Accessory Use Foundation
Dimensions (Depth) 247 mm
Dimensions (Height) 160 mm
Dimensions (Width) 767 mm
Material Recycled plastic
Package Quantity 24
Segment Construction
Weight 18 kg

Features and Applications:

  1. Environmentally Friendly: Made from recyclable plastic, the Heras Recycled Rubber Foot is an eco-conscious choice for temporary fencing foundations. Its design and materials ensure long-lasting durability while minimizing environmental impact.

  2. Easy Handling: Weighing less than 24 kg, the Recycled Rubber Foot is light enough to be handled and installed by a single person. Its lightweight design makes it an ideal alternative to traditional concrete footings, without compromising on stability.

  3. Enhanced Stability: Despite its lightweight construction, the Recycled Rubber Foot offers exceptional stability, thanks to its sophisticated design. This makes it an ideal foundation for various temporary fencing applications, from construction sites to event venues.

  4. Simplified Transportation: Featuring patented recesses for use with a forklift, the Recycled Rubber Foot makes loading and unloading a breeze. Its stackable design eliminates the need for wooden beams or pallets, saving time and effort during transport and storage.

  5. Compatibility with Heras Anti-Lift System: The  Recycled Rubber Foot can be easily combined with the Heras Anti-Lift System for enhanced security. The extra holes in the footing allow for the installation of the Anti-Lift System, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.

In conclusion, the Heras Recycled Rubber Foot offers a sustainable, user-friendly solution for temporary fencing foundations. With its lightweight design, enhanced stability, and compatibility with the Heras Anti-Lift System, it provides an eco-friendly and secure option for various applications.

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