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Heras Fence Brace: Enhance Stability and Security


Heras Fence Brace: Enhance Stability and Security

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Temporary fencing requires a stable and secure foundation to protect property and ensure safety. The Heras Fence Brace is designed to provide additional support and stability to your temporary fencing, offering a professional appearance and a tight fence line. Discover the benefits of using the Heras Fence Brace with your Heras Mobile Fences for an enhanced temporary fencing experience.

Key Advantages:

  • Improved stability for temporary fencing
  • Professional appearance
  • Versatile installation options
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Compatible with various Heras Mobile Fences

Features and Applications:

  1. Enhanced Stability: The Heras Fence Brace is designed to reinforce temporary fencing by providing additional support at a 45-degree angle. This added stability reduces the risk of the fence being blown or knocked over, ensuring a secure and safe perimeter for your property.

  2. Professional Appearance: With its sleek design and tight fence line, the  Brace contributes to a professional and polished look for your temporary fencing setup. This makes it ideal for construction sites, events, and other venues where appearance matters.

  3. Versatile Installation: The Fence Brace can be anchored to the ground using a soil pin or supported with ballast feet or a stabilizer plate, depending on the site conditions and requirements. This flexibility allows for seamless integration with your existing temporary fencing setup.

  4. Easy Setup and Maintenance: The Heras Fence Brace can be fastened to the temporary fencing using a Heras fence clip at a height of approximately 1.8 meters. This simple installation process ensures a tight fence line and a professional appearance, while also making it easy to maintain and adjust as needed.

  5. Compatibility with Heras Mobile Fences: The Heras Fence Brace is designed to work seamlessly with various Heras Mobile Fences, such as the Heras Mobile Fence M400, Heras Mobile Fence M300, and the Heras Fence Fitting Panel M400. This compatibility allows for a cohesive and secure temporary fencing solution.


Feature Specification
SKU E1000
Brand Heras
Accessory Use Stabilization
Dimensions (Depth) 42 mm
Dimensions (Height) 2170 mm
Dimensions (Width) 150 mm
Package Quantity 1
Weight 4.5 kg

In conclusion, the Heras Fence Brace is a versatile and effective solution for reinforcing the stability and security of your temporary fencing. Its compatibility with various Heras Mobile Fences, easy installation, and professional appearance make it an excellent addition to your temporary fencing setup. Equip your fencing with the Heras Fence Brace to ensure a safe and reliable perimeter.

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